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At Steel Kittens our Quality Control is of utmost importance. Our videotapes and DVD-R's are of the highest quality. We stand behind our product and Guarantee the technical quality of each tape we sell. We do not guarantee content. Content is up to the purchaser to read the descriptions of the tapes before purchasing.

The MP4 streaming and downloadable files on the site vary in quality, and do not represent the quality of the DVD's and Videos that we sell.

If you find that the DVD or VHS you received has a faulty picture or sound, and have checked that your media playing equipment is operating correctly, return the tape to us at once and we will replace it free of charge. Your account will be credited the amount of the return postage upon receipt. 1st Class or Priority Mail only, no Fed-x or Overnight returns will be credited.
Please note: Vintage 50's and 70's tapes have some bouts filmed 50 yrs ago and portions are silent. All these Super 8mm film treasures have been transferred to digital.
Thank you for your business and remember our Quality Guarantee.

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