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Amateur Wrestling Holds:

Here are some of the amateur wrestling holds that you will see in Women's Wrestling and Amateur Wrestling matches.
amateur wrestling arm bar



hair pulling
  • Arm Bar: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker grabs the victim's arm and wrenches it backward, placing pressure on the victim's shoulder and elbow.

  • Bear Hug: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker throws her arms around the victim, usually pinning the victim's arms to her body. The attacker then squeezes. Often the attacker will also swing her victim from side to side to increase pain.

  • Head and Body Scissors: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker approaches a sitting opponent and sits next to her, wrapping her legs around the victim, crossing her legs and then tightening their grip to choke the victim by compressing her torso. This hold is called a head scissors when applied to the head.

  • Bow and Arrow: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker kneels on her opponent's back with both knees, hooking the victim's head with one arm and the legs with the other. She then rolls back so that her opponent is suspended on her knees above her, facing upward. The attacker then pulls down with both arms while pushing up with her knees to bend the victim's back.

  • Breast Smother: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker attempts to keep the victim from breathing by trapping the victim's face between her breasts.

  • Camel Clutch: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker sits on her opponent's back when the victim is face down on the mat, and then reaches under her opponent's arms to apply a chinlock. The attacker then leans back and pulls her opponent's head and arms back--as a result, pulling the torso back as well.

  • Chinlock: In this amateur wrestling hold, the victim is on the ground, and the attacker is standing. The attacker forcibly sits the victim up and places her knee in her opponent's back. She then grasps her opponent's chin and wrenches it to the side or straight back.

  • Choke: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker grabs the victim by the throat and applied pressure to keep her from breathing.

  • Cradle: In this amateur wrestling hold, the attacker lies across her opponent's chest and hooks a leg with the arm on the opposite side (the left leg with the right arm or the right leg with the left arm). Holding the leg gives the attacker greater leverage and makes it harder for her opponent to kick out.

  • Face Sit: In this amateur wrestling hold, another aptly named move, the attacker sits directly on the face of her victim. An especially humiliating move in matches where wrestlers are stripped of their clothes.

  • Hair Pulling: In this brutal amateur wrestling maneuver, the attacker grabs her victim's hair and yanks on it, intending to pull her around by it or simply cause her so much pain that she cannot maintain control.

  • Check these three Amateur Wrestling videos below

    amateur holds "Retro Raslin’ Gals #TAA-001"

    1. Belle vs. Rachel: Amateur Bikini Wrestling
    2. Crissy vs. Cindy aka “Sweet Savage”, Foxy Boxing
    3. Shelly vs. Lynn Marie: Amateur Bikini Wrestling
    4. Shelly vs. Renee aka “The California Angel”: Amateur Female Wrestling

    Female Wrestling - Amateur Circa 1980’s

    From our Private Collection, Steel Kittens brings you Retro Raslin’ Gals, circa 1980’s. This tape features matches from American Angles. Female Wrestling featuring beautiful women in bikini wrestling matches, tag team and high cut one piece outfits, that only the 80’s could bring!

    1. Belle vs. Rachel: Amateur Bikini Wrestling
    This early match with the beautiful Belle and the sexy and athletic Rachel is intense from start to finish. Each amateur wrestler is intent on winning, putting up one heck of an amateur bikini wrestling fight!

    2. Crissy vs. Cindy aka “Sweet Savage”, Foxy Boxing
    The determined beauty Crissy takes on the seasoned Sweet Savage in a hard-knocking fast-punching women's boxing match. Both athletic and gorgeous girls hold nothing back. Crissy, lacking in experience, is determined to make her mark--but Savage's speed leaves lasting impressions on the less experienced fighter.

    3. Shelly vs. Lynn Marie: Amateur Bikini Wrestling
    Young, strong Shelly is game to overpower her longtime rival, the bodacious Lynn Marie. Lynn has other punishment in mind for Shelly, as the two beautiful women engage in topless smothers, gripping holds and humiliating moves. A sexy and powerful amateur female wrestling match!

    4. Shelly vs. Renee aka “The California Angel”: Amateur Female Wrestling
    Renee, also known as the "California Angel," takes on the always aggressive Shelly in this hot amateur female wrestling match. Although they are considered amateurs, these two gorgeous gals have had extensive time on the mat and put on one heck of a fight in this exciting and powerful match!

    amateur holds "Double D"

    Tanya Danielle vs. Kristal

    Female Wrestling – Topless

    This very sexy female wrestling match features two of he most busty beautiful blondes you have ever seen! This match is a 30 minute time limit, winner take all! Their feminine assaults erupt quickly as each one of these super vixens wants to be the superior woman of the day. They attack each others succulent assets with kicks, stomps, grapping, mauling and dreaded clawing! Full nelsons and figure for head locks have these babes squirming and moaning, as they struggle to break free! If you love sexy blondes with exposed big bountiful breasts in amateur female wrestling, this match is must for your collection!

    amateur holds "Sin City Sessions: Female Wrestling, Series I "

    Vye Vacious vs. Sierra

    Female Wrestling Topless Challenge

    This Female Wrestling Challenge features two Amazons! First, we have Sierra. Standing at 5’10”. This body beautiful, fitness competitor is known for her incredible leg scissors! Her challenger is Vye Vacious and stunning brunette at 5’11”. Vye Vacious is the queen of grappling holds and can stretch and bend her opponents into submission. These two tall and beautiful women engage in a go for it all female wrestling competition. Both girls are very strong and powerful and both are in it to win it. Superior leg scissors clamping each others bodies, they pant with exhaustion trying to escape the others pins. Full of excellent mat grappling, their sexy bodies pins, stretch and grind. Breast smothering, face sitting, scissors and body presses. The overpowering women clamps down on the looser with face sitting, and breast smothering pins. As the winner finishes her off, she fondles her prey with sensual touching and taunting as she lies helpless on the mat. Our winner poses in victory!

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    Amateur Holds
    Amateur Holds
    Amateur Holds
    Amateur Holds

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