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Female Wrestling Domination

Female WrestlingFemale wrestling domination matches are intense bouts in which one competitor is in complete control almost the whole way through. Perhaps she is motivated by vengeance for a past humiliation in the ring. Perhaps she is fighting for her job, her man, or her money. Or perhaps she just has vastly superior skills in the ring and her opponent was not prepared to face her.

Sexy Female Wrestling Domination Matches

Domination catfights are often even hotter. Tamara bends petite and curvaceous Tami over her knee in “Slave,” spread-eagles her on the floor, torments her breasts, strips her of everything but her white heels and thigh-highs, and spanks her mercilessly until the object of her attack capitulates to be her slave. This is one of the most extreme female wrestling domination videos in our catalog, but each and every video offered by Steel Kittens Video is equally intense and of such high quality that you will feel as though these sensual vixens are there in the room with you.

Female WrestlingWe offer female wrestling domination videos in all genres of wrestling. Bold amateurs meet their match in experienced pros at women’s pro-am wrestling and foxy boxing, determined pros render their opponents helpless in boxing and professional female wrestling matches, and vicious vixens take catfights to a new level of excitement and abandon. Whether you like seeing your favorite girls in control or completely subjugated, Steel Kittens has wrestling videos to appeal to your fantasies as much as your love of sports entertainment.

Female WrestlingSee our list of...

amateur wrestling "Beauty & Brawn "

Ebony Goddess aka Afrika
vs. The Beauty aka Frankie

Strength, Beauty, Domination, Punching, Kicking, KO’s, Lifting, Bondage

To set up this challenge in this special interest domination match, we have a fem-muscle powerhouse, whose strength and stature would put most men to shame: An Ebony Goddess who commands respect. Her Challenger is a drop dead gorgeous brunette, who has strength and attitude of her own. The Challenge is to have one of the fit and strong girls get KO’ed, out for the night, tied up and helpless, face down on the mat. Great punches and kicks for a knock out! But is it over??? Is she too pretty to be tough???? You’ll have to see!!

amateur wrestling "Clincher"

Shenna Vs. Belle

Domination Special Interest

A bikini barely covers Belle’s perfect body, as this beautiful blonde is surprised from behind. Following is a slaughter that emits moans of pain as her attacker inflicts a mass of welts on the blonde’s nearly bare body. Her every part is kicked, punched and tortured as cries of mercy ring out. The brutal ending finally comes leaving an unconscious, battered and humiliated beauty all tied up, the wickedly proud victory is all Sheena’s. If you are a serious domination fan, this tape is a must!

amateur wrestling "The Assaulted"

Christy E. vs. Leigh

Domination Fantasy Catfight

Leigh admires her sculptured body, and shedding her blouse and skirt she stands with her chiseled, granite body, in this domination fantasy catfight. Christ E. enters the room and stomach punches poor Leigh. Christy then pulverizes the terrified Leigh with body scissors, headlocks and punches that bring Leigh to tears. Bound hand and foot, a whimpering Leigh lies in dreamland as Christy E gloats at her devastated victim, in this great domination action.

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