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Foxy Boxing

Women's BoxingWomen's BoxingIf you are looking for videos of women boxing, often you will find them classified as foxy boxing videos. Different companies mean slightly different things by this terminology. Some are referring to any women's boxing matches. Others only offer topless female boxing. In some cases, you might be seeing pros, and in other cases, you might be seeing amateurs. Steel Kittens Video has an extensive collection of female boxing videos that includes all of these exciting styles of female combat.

Foxy Boxing for Pros and Amateurs
You have never seen such beautiful women so fearless, strong, and confident. While there is often a sultry and even erotic aspect to wrestling or catfights, boxing is an outright display of power, stamina, and raw athleticism. The intensity of the matches offered in our professional, pro-am women’s boxing, and amateur foxy boxing is so incredible you will almost feel as if you are being thrown across the ring by the punches you see delivered by these stunning women. We have videos featuring kick boxing, which tests our Kittens to the very limits of their endurance and pushes their perfect bodies to the extreme.

Our boxing matches are sexy and filled with thrills. Our sexy amateurs and perfect pros give it all they have, risking their stunning bodies in impressive displays of power, agility, and brutality.

Our regulars will be happy to know that you can see many of your Steel Kittens favorites in foxy boxing matches. Denise, Belle, Leigh, and Alysha are among the most popular Kittens you many have seen in wrestling matches and catfights who also try their skills in the boxing ring--with very impressive results. If what you really want is to discover new talent or to see great variety, we also have amateur matches featuring girls you've never seen before who may quickly become your favorite foxy boxers.

Women's boxingFor more information on Women’s Boxing or Foxy Boxing check out these hot links:

Check these three New Release videos below

amateur wrestling "Boxing Bombshells"

Leigh vs. Christy T.

Women's Boxing

In the first round of this women's boxing slugfest, Leigh spins Christy completely around with a haymaker, yet Christy battles on until Leigh floors her in a later round. She rises and all hell breaks loose. A left hook floors one girl, she rises slowly, and then is immediately knocked senseless flat on her back. The winner stands in triumph on her chest!

amateur wrestling "Fierce Foxy Boxing"

Stormy vs. Stacy

Women's Boxing

Both clad in boxer trunks and cut-off tees for this women's boxing match, these girls are equal weight and punch like hell. The first two rounds are Stacey’s, as Stormy is confused by her aggressive onslaught. Round three brings out the cheating, as Stormy holds Stacey’s head and batters her against the ropes. One girl downs the other and in round four, and when it happens again, the floored girl loses her will to fight. Off come the gloves and a wrestling match begins. Watch for the rematch!

amateur wrestling "Champion Boxing Vol. 1"

Pam Manning Vs. Leigh * Julie aka Pear Blossom Vs. Pam Manning

2 Womens Boxing Matches

Two furious women's boxing matches! One boxer takes on 2 different newcomers who bring with them their own kinds of punishment! Is she tough enough to prevail?

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