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Hot Oil Catfights

Hot Oil CatfightsHot Oil catfights are a genre of wrestling that really show off the beautiful women of wrestling to their most seductive advantage. Gone are some of the more athletic moves that allow pro wrestlers to dominate weaker opponents. In the presence of oil, slipping and sliding necessitates quick and creative moves that can be a great equalizer despite the size, strength, or experience of either of the combatants.

Beautiful Women in Hot Oil Catfights
Hot Oil CatfightsAt Steel Kittens, we're known all around for featuring some of the most beautiful women in all of wrestling. When you get these daring divas involved in an oil catfight, clothing is sure to be shed and the female form will be highlighted in all of its power and glory. The babes of Steel Kittens show each other no mercy in the ring, and it's no different when they're engaged in an intense oil match. No inch of their irresistible bodies goes untouched, and their most sensitive parts are turned to weapons against them by brutal and quick-thinking opponents.

If oil's what you're looking for, we have a variety of oil matches in our catalog. In addition to oil catfights, you might want to check out mixed wrestling hot oil matches. When our ladies square off against men while slick with oil and sweat, their creative grappling skills and unmatched agility take wrestling to a whole new level that you're sure to enjoy.

Hot Oil CatfightsAnd if you like oil catfights, you might also want to check out our more extensive collection of apartment catfight matches. If you're not sure which will be your favorites, take advantage of our exclusive offer and try 10 or more short clips for just 99 cents each. You can watch them online in .mpeg or .wmv for 48 hours, giving you time to decide which matches or which women you want to see more of.

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hot oil catfights "Ruthless Rodeo"

Christy E. vs. Belle

Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination

The speed and agility of Belle is matched against the power and strength of Christy E. in a pro-am female wrestling match with the condition that the looser will get tied up! Snapping flying mares leave one fighter face down on the mat, while the victor parades her win. Is this looser then all tied up? No, she rises and smashes her humiliator from pillar to post. With a devastating chokehold, she ultimately renders her unconscious. At her controller's mercy, this looser is tied and completely dominated. What a match!

hot oil catfights "Crazed Kittens"

Cheryl Vs. Christy T. * Christina Vs. Leigh

2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches

Cheryl has the upper hand and really dishes it out to the unsuspecting Christy in this pro-am female wrestling match. The huge busted blonde, Christy, does all she can to withstand the onslaught of the seasoned pro. Will she prevail? Then Christina, with her beautiful body, attempts to overcome the more experienced Leigh. One punishes the other with tight body scissors that make her perfect bosom heave with exertion. The loser is whipped into oblivion. No purring in this match!!

hot oil catfights "Battle Of The Amazons"

Shelly Vs. Sandy w/ Referee

Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling

Blondes Shelly and Sandy meet in a powerful and sensuous pro-am female wrestling match, in which ample breasts are used as weapons. Sandy, after being mauled, twists Shelly’s nipples until Shelly becomes crazed with anger and pins her foe. It’s all Sandy in Fall 2 as she ravages Shelly’s huge breasts again and again until victory is won. Long red nail marks show on each beauty, and the battle rages on until one busty broad suffocates her opponent with a cruel and vicious sleeper hold.

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