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Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling

Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling Japanese women’s professional wrestling was thriving even during the years when wrestling had lost a lot of its American fan base. The “Women Warriors of the Orient” were fierce and vicious, and taught the American girls a thing or two in the 70s and 80s. Many matches featured devilish combatants using foreign objects--everything from ladders to chairs and beer cans--to maim their outmatched opponents.

You’ll also see amazing aerial maneuvers and moves off the ropes that will blow your mind. Fabulous Moohlah, one of the great names in American women’s wrestling, managed a number of the best American girls of the 70s, and arranged for them to fight in Japan. The live ring matches were like a wrestling school for women like Glamour Girls Judy Martin and Leilani Kai or Joyce Grable and Vickie Williams, all of whom tried their skill against the Japanese girls.

American Women Featured in Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling

Some American women achieved greater success in Japan than they did in the US. Powerful and sizeable (260 lbs!) Monster Ripper was a huge favorite with the Japanese fans, and the Japanese girls were vicious in their hatred of this foreigner who could take them down. Reggie Bennett, one of the best female wrestlers of all time, ended up spending years of her career in Japan because she caused such a sensation there. You can see a tribute to Reggie in Japan on one fabulous Steel Kittens Japanese women’s professional wrestling tape!

You’ll also see a lot of great tag team matches and Title bouts in our videos. One collection features a six-girl tag team match in which Japanese star K. Matsumoto brings out whips, chains, and even her teeth to destroy her opponents. Don’t miss out on this great Japanese women’s professional wrestling action!

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Check these three Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling videos below

"Japanese-Tape WWO-4"

1. Rimi Yokota & E. Nagabori Vs Chigusa Nagayo & Noriyo Tateno 2· Chigusa Nagayo Vs Desiree Peterson 3· M. Komatsu Vs K. Nakano 4· Lioness Asuka Vs Noriyo Tateno 5· Rimi Yokota & Tenjin Masami & Yukari Omori Vs & Velvet McIntyre & K. Nakano & LeLani Kai 6· Chigusa Nagayo Vs K. Matsumoto 7· K. Matsumoto Vs Lioness Asuka 8· Ayumi Hori & Tenjin Masami Vs E. Nagabori & I. Yamazaki 9· Rimi Yokota Vs Yukari Omori

3 Tag Teams & 6 Pro Girl Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

Reigning Japanese professional women's wrestling stars leap from the ring, as bodies are bashed into tables and chairs. The only US Pro featured in this tape, Velvet McIntyre, has her work cut out for her against these Women Warriors!

"Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling #VA-70-22"

Match #1 - Madusa Miceli & Mitsuko – Japanese Women - Tag Team Match Match #2 - Madusa Miceli & Mitsuko – Japanese Women - Tag Team match Match #3 - Madusa Miceli vs. Noriyo Tateno

Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling from the late 80’s and early 90’s

Madusa Miceli in Japan – Best Tag Team Finals. This exciting tournament determined the number one contender for the WWWA World Tag Team Championship. Shot ring side in Japan, these matches are fast and furious! Serious wrestling! Serious Action! 2 Tag Team Matches and 1 Pro Girl Match.

"Japanese-Tape WWO-5"

1· Monster Ripper & Yumi Ikeshita Vs Rucy Kayama &Jacki Sato 2· Hiroko Komine Vs Ayumi Hori 3· Rimi Yokota Vs Chino Sato 4· Jacki Sato Vs Tommy Aoyoma 5· Jacki Sato Vs Monster Ripper 6· Yumi Ikeshita Vs Mami Kumano 7· Lola Gonzalez Vs Devil Masami 8· Lola Gonzalez & Esther Marino Vs D. Masami & J. Lamima

2 Tag Teams & 6 Pro Girl Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

The late Monster Ripper and Jacki Sato have a marathon maul as the huge Ripper dodges dropkicks, splashes and flying fists. With electrifying action in every match, this is a classic for any collection of Japanese professional women's wrestling!

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