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Men Woman Wrestling

Mixed WrestlingWho says a woman canít beat men at wrestling? The battle of the sexes has been going on ever since men and women were created. Watching men and women wrestling can capture some of the playful antagonism of that age-old battle, as well as proving that it will never be definitively resolved. Even in the area of strength, where men have long assumed themselves to be superior, women wrestlers prove that their strength and skills are a perfect match for that of their male counterparts.

Some of the matches Steel Kittens Video offers with men and women wrestling focus on the more combative elements of the sport. Others focus more on the erotic undercurrent that inevitably exists when a strong and powerful man and a beautiful woman with power of her own are body-to-body, trying to outwit and defeat each other. Our professional wrestling, pro-am wrestling, amateur wrestling, oil wrestling, and special interest matches all show different aspects of the eternal battle of the sexes. Sometimes there is definitely a loser--but other times, both parties are able to win in their own way.

Professional Men and Women Wrestling

Mixed WrestlingOur professional mixed wrestling matches are all business. Women like Sweet Destiny are making a statement for all women. In her match again Taavi, she enters the ring bent on vengeance, confronting her opponent, "So, I'm wrestling a man who likes to beat up women!" She is ready and more than able to show him the error of his ways. While a professional wrestler will give him a fair chance at pinning her, she will show no mercy when the roles are reversed. While Taavi may continue to enter mixed matches, he knows he's doing so at serious peril to his manhood!

Mixed WrestlingOur amateur mixed wrestling matches are some of the most intense you'll find, but they often show a slightly more playful side of men and women wrestling. You can't blame a man for trying to wrestle our beautiful Kittens out of their clothes, so in many matches the girls end up topless or nude--but still victorious. You can purchase our mixed wrestling videos on VHS or DVD, watch them streaming online, or check out an assortment of 10 or more clips for just 99 cents each.

Check out our Men Woman Wrestling Matches and these other links for more information

"Mixed Delight"

Sasha Vs. Jeb

Mixed Wrestling

The taut body and lighting speed of Sasha make Jeb grunt with pain in this competitive mixed wrestling match! This fearsome female wrestler smashes Jeb into the corner ring post, attacking him with her athletic and muscular strong legs. Jeb quickly escapes, stomps the crawling woman, and kicks her savagely. This action-packed man vs. woman, coed wrestling battle ends when one combatant straddles the fallen opponent and sits savagely on the loser's face!

"Mixed Madness"

Christine vs Gary * Quisha vs Tony

2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

Christine tackles Gary and the mixed wrestling battle rages back and forth until Chrisís bikini top is lost. Furious, she uses all her skill to defeat the male with punches, grapevines, and crab holds--ending his day with a lengthy face sitting. Then, huge-breasted Quisha turns away Tonyís advances and he angrily challenges her to a coed wrestling match. What a mistake!

"Oil Change"

Hollywood & Sandy vs. Chuck & Tony

Mixed Oil Wrestling - Tag Team

Gorgeous Hollywood and Sandy battle with the men in glistening oil in one of the sexiest 3-fall mixed oil wrestling matches ever. Wearing only skimpy bikinis in the first fall, the sexpots are by no means merciful on the men as they wildly take turns attacking them. In the second fall, see-though tees are all greased up, revealing whatís in-store for the defending males. The third fall is lingerie and itís time for payback. The kittens find themselves in quite a predicament. Can they escape the wiles of their attackers?

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