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Women of Wrestling

In the history of some wrestling federations, the women were just eye candy. They were the managers, the girlfriends, or the sexy bimbos who hung out with the male stars and occasionally got into a catfight. As early as the 1930s, however, women like Mildred Burke were out there drawing huge crowds to watch their incredible athleticism and showmanship, paving the way for today's women of wrestling.

Steel Kittens Video venerates the great women of wrestling, both past and present. We're not knocking the WWE as sports entertainment, but did anyone really think Torrie Wilson was crazy in love with Tajiri? Our women don't have to be in scripted relationships with male wrestlers in order to advance their careers or get time in the ring--all they have to do is show off their tremendous skill in a variety of grappling styles, as their fans think that is more than enough.

There are all types of women in wrestling. Some of our girls challenge the biggest divas in wrestling in terms of beauty and sex appeal. They can model swimsuits one day and then square off in a ruthless catfight the next. Other professional wrestlers and boxers focus entirely on their work, but the incredible shape they have to be in combines with their natural beauty to make them women for all to envy.

Steel Kittens Has the Best Women's Wrestling Streaming Videos
Many of our most popular Kittens are among the most versatile women of wrestling. You can see some of the same women in pro, pro-am, boxing, catfight, domination, and even special interest matches. Our matches are always intense and high quality, and our fans trust us to be tasteful, as well. Whether you want shocking brutality, surprising sensuality, or straightforward combat skill, these women can provide it all, and we have them here for you to view on DVD, VHS, or streaming online.

Check these three Women of Wrestling videos below

"Boyfriend's Fantasy"

Staring Charlie "The Golden Cat", Chris, and Rochelle

Mixed / Girl-Girl Apartment

Chris is reading a female wrestling publication and his desires are churning. Dovonna holds Chris close and smothers him in ways hes never been before. Then Rochelle enters to find her boyfriend held by another woman. The two hellcats go berserk and a hate filled battle erupts to see who gets the man. Feel the excitement as the finish lets you know who wins, the temptress or the sex kitten.

"The Heat Is On"

Belle vs Mitch and Gary

Mixed Wrestling: Topless 2-on-1

Mitch is watching his friend Gary try to take on Belle in a coed wrestling match. She proceeds to take Mitch apart, but the tide suddenly turns. Mitch tells Gary to tie her up! What a mistake! The enraged beauty pounces on Gary and ends it with a handcuffing. Then this unbelievable female turns on Mitch and destroys him in short order, taunting him with her perfect body! We cant tell you the ending... but we think that youd wish you were one of the losers in this one!

"Japanese-Tape WWO-17"

1. Chigusa Nagayo Vs Keiko Nakano 2. Lioness Asuka & Ayumi Hori & Yukari Omori Vs K. Matsumoto & K. Saito & Desiree Peterson 3. K. Saito Vs E. Nagabori 4. Y. Ogura Vs Keiko Nakano 5. Rimi Yokota & Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki Vs Desiree Peterson & Dawn Marie & K. Matsumoto 6. Lioness Asuka & Chigusa Nagayo Vs Yukari Omori & M. Komatsu 7. Tenjin Masami & Ayumi Hori Vs Desiree Peterson & K. Matsumoto 8. Lioness Asuka Vs Yukari Omori

4 Tag Teams & 4 Pro Girl Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

We see a brutal six-girl Tag Match as Matsumoto uses whips, chains, chairs, and bare teeth--all in defiance of the refs warnings. She even goes after the ref with glee after she gives Tateno a severe beating. US grappler Dawn Marie gets initiated to Japanese professional women's wrestling violence. A great collection of really tough matches!

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