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Debbie Combs

Debbie Combs

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Wrestler Stats:

Debbie Szestecki is a professional wrestler better known as Debbie Combs. Combs worked in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and is a former NWA World Women's Champion. She originally won the title by winning a battle royal in Honolulu, Hawaii in spring 1986. At some point, she was no longer recognized as the champion and defeated Penny Mitchell to become the champion again in Kansas City, Missouri on April 10, 1987. The Kansas City promotion withdrew from NWA in 1987 and closed in 1988. The NWA vacated Combs' title and awarded Misty Blue Simmes the reinstated NWA United States Women's Championship (a replacement of the prior NWA World Women's Championship held by Combs). Combs challenged Simmes to a title match at a Delta Tiger Lilies card in 1989, but Simmes was unable to accept due to an arm injury she had sustained.


 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  Streaming Videos Featuring Debbie Combs

  • Classic Professional Women's Wrestling VA-50-3 - Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
    1. Sheri Lynn Vs Debbie Combs 2. Joyce Grable Vs Jill Fontaine 3. Peggy Lee Leather Vs Shirley Black 4. Wendy Richter Vs Judy Martin (Title Match)
  • Classic Professional Women's Wrestling VA-50-3 - Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
    1. Early Dawn Vs Marie LaVerne 2. Debbie Combs & Mike Hubert Vs Kay Roberts & Roger Kirby (Mixed Tag) 3. Velvet McIntyre & Bob Brown Vs LeLani Kai & John King (Mixed Tag) 4. LeLani Kai & Woody Wilson Vs Penny Mitchell & Angelo Moska Jr. (Mixed Tag)
  • Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling # VA-70-4 - Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling
    1. Wendy Richter vs. LeLani Kai (title bout) 2. Misty Blue Sims, Heidi Lee Morgan & Zula Vs. Kat Le Roux, Linda Dallas & Mad Dog Debbie (tag team) 3. Debbie Combs vs. Donna Day
  • Vintage 60's & 70's- # VA-50-5 - Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
    (Silent Footage) 1. Debbie Combs (Darker Suit) vs Cora Combs - Mother/Daughter fierce match! 2. P. Drake (Black Suit) vs Princess Jasmine 3. Fabulous Moolah vs Susan Green (Blonde) 4. Fabulous Moolah vs Vicki Williams (Blonde) 5. Kay Noble vs Vicki Williams (Blonde)
  • Vintage 50's, 60's & 70's #VA-50-6 - Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
    1. Beverly Shade (Blonde) & Natasha vs Ann Casey (Barefoot) & Sharon Lee 2. LeLani Kai vs Della Cooper (Blonde) 3. Marie LaVerne (White Suit) vs Early Dawn 4. Debbie Combs (Blonde) vs Kay Roberts 5. Vivian St. John & Joyce Grable (Blonde) vs Moolah & Kitty Adams
  • Vintage Pro Ladies Wrestling 80’s #VA-70-6 - Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling
    1.Olympia vs Debbie Combs 3. Sue Sexton vs Candi Devine (Title Bout) 2.Malia Hosaka & Tim Horner vs Lisa Starr & Barry Horowitz (Mixed Tag Team)
  • Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling from the late 80’s and early 90’s - 4 Mixed Pro Matches and 3 Pro Girl Matches!
    Match #1 - Miss Texas vs. Debbie Combs
    Match #2 - Bertha Faye vs. Alundra Blayze (Medusa)
    Match #3 - Brandon Baxter vs. Miss Texas - Mix Match
    Match #4 - Brandon Baxter, Uptown Karen vs. Miss Texas - Handicapped Mixed Match
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