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Support / FAQ

*How to Order
*Shipping & Processing / Handling
*SSL Secure Pages
*WebTV Users
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To Browse our Huge Video Collection choose a category from the menu on the right.

You don't need to be a member to order our Videos and DVD-Rs.

How to Order

You can order videos securely online or offline. For instructions on ordering videos online see "Shopping Tips" below. To order offline please use our Printable Order Form. You may select videos using our website or you may view and print our brochures by clicking here

Credit Card Purchases.
We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Purchases made on SteelKittens.com© by credit card will appear on your billing statement at SK/CVP/FWR.

Shopping Tips
Click on the categories on your right to select a video. Click the order button on the video detail page to add the item to your cart. Continue shopping until you are ready to check out. If you are a return customer and have not logged in yet, you will be asked to do so when you check out. If you forget your password please use the forgotten password form and your password will be sent to you via email. If you are a new customer you will need to create a new account. Please enter your correct email address. We will use it to sent you a receipt and also send occasional specials and new release announcements. If you don't want to receive any specials or announcements please just let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.

Shipping & Processing / Handling

U.S. Postage Rates:
  • DVD = Up to 3 DVD's - $5.95 - Over 3 DVD's add $1.95 per DVD.
  • Shipped USPS - 2 to 6 days Delivery - Depending on area.
Canada Postage Rates:
  • DVD = Up to 3 DVD's - $12.50 - Over 3 DVD's add $1.99 per DVD.
  • Shipped USPS - 2 to 6 days Delivery - Depending on area.
International Rates:
  • DVD = Up to 3 DVD's - $12.50 - Over 3 DVD's add $1.99 per DVD.
  • Shipped Air Mail via USPS, 5 to 8 days delivery - Depending on area.
  • International Money Orders and Cashers Checks add $7.00
*Please call for additional shipping charges.

SPECIAL HANDLING: PRIORITY OVERNIGHT - Saturday or Holiday Delivery, call for pricing. Special Handling items are shipped only Tuesday thru Friday.
  • Express Mail - Minimum for up to 2 DVDs $24.50
  • Fed Ex - Minimum for up to 2 DVDs $28.00
  • UPS - Minimum for up to 2 DVDs $28.00

For additional rates, or for special or International shipping, please call (805)499-6707 for pricing information.

In stock items will be shipped within 48 hours. Items on back order may take up to 7 working days to be shipped.

Processing / Handling fee is 5% on all orders

For problems viewing secure pages read the following:

SSL technology secretly encodes information that is being sent over the Internet between your computer and the Steel Kittens website, helping to ensure that the information remains confidential.

The use of SSL requires that you have an SSL compatible browser. Currently, Netscape 3.0 or higher, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, or the latest version of AOL are all SSL-compatible. (Note that older versions of browsers will not support SSL sessions.) If you don't have a browser with SSL capabilities, you can download an SSL browser from either of the links below.


WebTV Users: We have experienced a number of problems with two versions of WebTV's browser. The first version of WebTV's browser does not support secure connections. Version (1.2) truncates URLs, which may prevent users from accessing some pages. We highly recommend that you contact WebTV's customer support and encourage them to comply with current web standards in future releases of their browser.

Insecure Browser Error Messages:

If you try to connect to our secure server with one of these browsers, you may receive a variety of error messages, including various Security Errors. Or, your browser may just hang when attempting to contact our server, and nothing will happen.

  • Security error: 123456 (or any combination of digits)
  • Security Error
  • Connection Refused

Browser Version Test:

If you're not sure the exact version of your browser, you can find out:

Windows Users: Click on the Help menu and choose About Netscape (or whichever browser you're using).

Mac Users: Click on the Apple menu and choose About Netscape (or whichever browser you're using).

You will see the browser name and the specific version, such as Netscape 2.02 or Netscape Navigator 3.01.


We recommend that you download the latest release version of your web browser for best results. You can get the latest browser from Netscape, Microsoft or AOL. If you are using WebTV, we recommend that you contact WebTV's customer support and encourage them to comply with current web standards in future releases of their browser.

If you are using a secure browser, make sure that in your Security preferences or options, you have checked all of the boxes that say "Enable SSL."

Privacy / Copyright Info

Privacy Statement
Steel Kittens© Inc. will not disclose your email address (should you provide your email address to us) or physical address to any other company or person. Financial information that you provide as part of your order for our products and services is only used to bill you for these products and services. Steel Kittens Inc. does not collect information about your viewing preferences.

Copyright Notice
The Steel Kittens© Inc. web site steelkittens.com© and the web site design, and all images, photographs, mpegs, text and content on this site are Copyright© Steel Kittens Inc. All rights reserved. The material on this site may not be reproduced and may not be distributed, publicly performed, proxy cached or otherwise used, except with the prior express written permission of Steel Kittens Inc. Unauthorized use, duplication or redistribution of any material found on steelkittens.com or any of Steel Kittens© (SK), Japanese (WWO)©, Vintage 50's & 60's© (VA50), Vintage 70's & 80's©,(V70) Champion Video© (CVP), or Full Armour© (FA) videos, will be subject to international copyright infringement laws and subject to $500,000.00 in penalties.

For help with membership or viewing mpegs and photo sets click here.

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