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Wrestler Stats: 5'8" 140lbs

Seen In: Professional Womens Wrestling, Mixed and Special Interest

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Steel Kittens Wrestler Interview

Woman Wrestler: Frankie, Interview

How did you get your start in Wrestling?
Wrestling was made for me or me for it...I love the fact that wrestling combines athleticism, acting, live shows and over the top flair and cheese...

Any hero's in the business?
The Rock, because he's a great entertainer and athlete. Hulk Hogan because he is timeless and a good dad, and Trish Stratus, because she was sexy and fierce and continually improved!

Where were you trained to wrestle?
UPW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Street Sports

Any favorite coaches or mentors?
The Hard Core Kid, Aaron Aguilera, Shinsuke Nakamura

What is your favorite style of wrestling?
I love submission wrestling!

What is your favorite move and finishing hold?
English Bulldog and The Indian leg lock pin

What other combat skills to you have and enjoy?
Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing. Muay Thai

Any comments on your first bout?
It sucked...the girl I was wrestling was a diva and very difficult to work with. BOOOOO!

With whom have you had your best bouts at Steel Kittens? Shelly Martinez She is my nemesis! I love and hate her!

Who is your toughest competitor? Afrika, but I have to mention Belle, that last match I had with her she really messed me up.

What are some of your personal career highlights?

Getting my blue belt in BJJ.

Any major injuries? Naaa....I often get tendonitis in my right elbow.

What is your training discipline? I do weights 4 x week, cardio 5-6, and technical training twice a week

What are your future plans or career goals? To make my mark in the fitness industry
Any other comments:
Eat your vegetables :)

Fast Facts:

What are your interests outside the ring?

I love laughing!

Favorite Desert? Tiramisu

Favorite Food? Tacos

Favorite Band? Tupak

Favorite Movie? Pulpfiction

Favorite Car? Bentley Continental GT

Favorite Store? Victoria Secret

Favorite Drink? Cesari Amarone

What is your most favorite thing to do when you relax? Go to the Spa!

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  • Queen of Pain - Pro Style Womens Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Afrika
  • Deliciously Deep Fried - 2 Mixed Oil Wrestling Matches, 1 Topless
    Vicky vs. John Paul * Frankie vs. Bill
  • High Life - Women’s Professional Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Raquel
  • True Intent - Professional Women's Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Valentina
  • The Contenders: Vol 1 © - Women’s Professional Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Fire * Belle vs. Raquel /Reff: Onyx
  • “The Contenders” Vol II - Women’s Professional Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Belle * Fire vs. Raquel / Reff: Onyx
  • Lady Avenger - Pro Style Women’s Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Desire
  • Burning Desire - Professional Women's Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Onyx
  • Street Fight - Pro Style Women’s Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Belle
  • Slick & Sultry - 2 Mixed Oil Wrestling, 1 Topless
    Frankie vs. Randy * Darling vs. Bill
  • Bottoms Up - Strength, Beauty, Domination, Punching, Kicking, KO’s, Lifting, Bondage
    Frankie vs. Onyx
    HQ Download
  • Beauty & Brawn - Strength, Beauty, Domination, Punching, Kicking, KO’s, Lifting, Bondage
    Ebony Goddess aka Afrika
    vs. The Beauty aka Frankie
  • Affliction - Pro Style Women’s Wrestling – Domination Match
    Christi Ricci vs. Frankie * Belle vs. Brandy
  • She Will Have Her Way - Pro-Style Women’s Wrestling
    Frankie vs. Christi Ricci

  Streaming Videos Featuring Frankie

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