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Women's Wrestling: Mixed Wrestling: Topless


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Santana vs. Sonny

Topless Mixed Domination Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 38 min.

This domination Diva knows just how to control a man! She takes off her long red robe to reveal her exquisite body while she verbally taunts her male victim. He has no idea what he is in for! From the start she asserts her dominance as she quickly kicks him in the nuts, he is totally stunned and falls to his knees. She follows it up with wedgie to further humiliate him. Overpowering him, she has him in arm bars, gives him belly punches and long face sittings. She wraps her stunning legs around his head for some brutal head scissors. His is under her control. As this domination diva delivers more punishment and humiliation, she removes her top and unleashes breast smothering which has him gasping. Maneuvering him into back breaking, stretching holds, verbally taunting him, and further humiliates him by plucking out his head and arm pit hairs, and tossing in some titty twisters. His nuts left unguarded are crushed! She dominates him further with her feet, and smothers him with her hand over his mouth. She finishes him off with a choke hold and his day is done! Great topless mixed wrestling domination!

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Female Wrestling: Topless Domination
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Santana vs. Sonny

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Approx. Run Time 34 min.





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