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Women's Wrestling: Japanese Women's Wrestling


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1. Noriyo Tateno Vs Liz Chase 2. Lioness Asuka & Rimi Yokota Vs Tenjin Masami & Tarantula 3· Princess Victoria Vs Chigusa Nagayo 4· K. Matsumoto Vs Mimi Hagiwara 5· Masked You & Itsuki Yamazaki Vs Ayumi Hori & Y. Mori 6· K. Matsumoto Vs Keiko Nakano 7· Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno Vs Lioness Asuka & Chigusa Nagayo 8· Yukari Omori Vs Tarantula 9· Princess Victoria Vs Rimi Yokota

3 Tag Teams & 5 Pro Girl Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 119 min.

The outdoor arena provides no escape from vicious “heels” who are skilled in the art of trying to maim their opponents with foreign objects. US Pro Liz Chase learns the art very quickly as Noriyo, Princess Victoria, and Itsuki are victimized by stars of Japanese professional women's wrestling. Superior action!

Japanese-Tape WWO-16

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Japanese-Tape WWO-16 - Clip 1
Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling


Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling

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