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Women's Wrestling: Catfight


"Called On The Carpet"      Add to Favorites

Sky aka Tasha vs. Chez * Tez vs. Santana

Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless

Approx. Run Time 50 min.

Pillows line the edges of the carpeted arena, in which four beautiful women thrash and gasp their way to domination in two amazing apartment wrestling catfights.

The first match pits honey-tressed Sky, radiant in a tiny red bikini, against Chez in a nasty catfight. Chez spends most of the match straddling Sky’s back while trying to rip her blonde hair from her head. Sky gasps for air as Chez bears down on her neck and back. In desperation, Sky finally manages to break free and traps Chez against the wall, where she repeatedly bangs her head against the hard surface. Both girls are now topless, and each mercilessly stretches and stomps the other. Hair is pulled, crushing body scissors are applied, and finally a bow and arrow hold finishes the fight. One stunning fighter lies defenseless at the victor’s feet.

Next is a classic catfight battle starring newcomer Tez, a strong and knowledgeable African American wrestler, against the ravishing Santana. The gods were generous with Santana, endowing her with jet black hair, white creamy skin, and a body that is pure perfection. Tez knows wrestling and has every advantage except speed in this desperate struggle of twisted limbs, Boston Crabs and breathtaking scissor holds. Santana is young and quick, but Tez is larger and a hell of a lot meaner! At one point Santana seems to have the upper hand as she airplane spins the indomitable contestant and savagely applies a brutal crab hold on the howling dark maiden. The match ends with a chin lock and choke hold that renders the loser unconscious and limp on the soft carpet. You’ll enjoy this relentless wrestling catfight much more than the loser did!

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Tez vs. Santana
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Sky aka Tasha vs. Chez
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Sky aka Tasha vs. Chez * Tez vs. Santana
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Called On The Carpet
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