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Women's Wrestling: Women's Wrestling : Pro-AM


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Santana vs. Leigh

Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination

Approx. Run Time 40 min.

This pro-am female wrestling match is one time that a tight bodied Latina shouldn’t have been so eager to take on a more experienced and meaner opponent. Santana can’t wait to bait the equally gorgeous Leigh into a two out of three fall match with no ref. Our digital equipment captures every grimace and every flesh stretching hold while our audio equipment grabs all of the shrieking and pitiful groaning of a beauty beaten to a pulp.

The purple bikinied Leigh slams Santana repeatedly into a wall, knees her in her unprotected washboard belly, and then clamps the shocked Santana in a double chin lock. Teaching Santana a lesson seems to be Leigh’s intent and she ends the first fall with a barbaric figure 4 chin lock, and Santana’s lungs gasp for oxygen as she screams out “I give!” to save her from total destruction.

The savage attack continues as Leigh uses her experience to maul Santana’s tight frame with murderous intent. Santana’s centerfold body becomes a mass of bruises as she takes all the hate that Leigh can dish out. It’s two beautiful women in a fight for survival. At the end, one gorgeous body lies broken on the floor as a sneering victor is a clear and total winner and the loser is a victim of “Foolish Pleasure.”

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Santana vs. Leigh
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Foolish Pleasure
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Foolish Pleasure - Clip 1
Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination


Santana vs. Leigh
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download - 1500kbps

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Foolish Pleasure - Clip 2
Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination


Santana vs. Leigh
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download - 1500kbps

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