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Wrestler Stats: 5'5" 120 lbs

Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling, Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling, Female Wrestling Catfights, Mixed Wrestling, Womens Boxing, and Special Interest Womens Wrestling

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Champion Boxing Vol. 1 - 2 Womens Boxing Matches

    Pam Manning Vs. Leigh * Julie aka Pear Blossom Vs. Pam Manning

  • Champion Tag Team - Amateur Female Wrestling: Tag Team

    Hollywood & Pam Manning vs. D.J. & Leigh vs. Shelly & Dylann ; Ref: Michelle

  • Pro Steel - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Sue Sexton vs. Hollywood * Cheryl vs. Leigh

  • Killer Nineteen - Professional Women's Wrestling

    Leigh Vs. Cheryl Rusa

  • Starlet Held Hostage - Domination Bedroom Fantasy Catfight

    Christy E. & Leigh Vs. Hollywood & Christine aka Tenea

  • Screaming For Air - Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless Domination

    Leigh Vs. Hollywood

  • Powerless - Female Wrestling Domination

    Leigh vs Christy E.

  • Lavish Leg & Killer Lips - Special Interest Apartment Fantasy

    Christine vs Christy E. * Santana vs Christy E. * Leigh vs Christine

  • Foolish Pleasure - Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination

    Santana vs. Leigh

  • Double Dare - Women's Boxing: Topless

    Candi Vs. Leigh

  • Off With The Gloves - Outdoor Pro-Am Catfight * Outdoor Topless Boxing

    Rochelle Vs. Sasha * Leigh Vs. Tina

  • Rocky Road - 2 Amateur Female Wrestling Matches: Outdoor

    Raven Vs. Rochelle * Amy Vs. Leigh

  • Three Ring Circus - 3 Way Competitive Punching Catfight

    Raven & Leigh Vs. Jennifer

  • The Thrill Of The Punch - Mixed Wrestling

    Leigh Vs. Jeb

  • Crazed Kittens - 2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches

    Cheryl Vs. Christy T. * Christina Vs. Leigh

  • Sweet Revenge - Female Wrestling Catfights: 4-Way

    Leigh & Tenea Vs. Nancy & Christy E

  • No Room To Hide - 2 Amateur Female Wrestling Matches

    Leigh vs Julie * Christy E. vs Sasha

  • Dark Danger - Professional Women's Wrestling

    Lady Victoria Vs. Leigh

  • Erotic Abduction - Domination Fantasy Bedroom Catfight

    Leigh & Shelly Vs. Hollywood

  • Lethal Lady - Mixed Wrestling

    Leigh vs Jeb

  • Supree De Rouge - Topless Female Wrestling 5 Way Tag * Mixed Wrestling - 2 On 1 Mixed

    Rochelle & Sasha Vs. Jennifer & Jessea + Raven * Mitch Vs Leigh & Amy

  • Executive Suite - Female Wrestling Catfights

    Hollywood Vs. Leigh

  • Brawling Babes - Women's Boxing: 1/2 Topless

    Leigh vs. Jaclyn

  • Boxing Bombshells - Women's Boxing

    Leigh vs. Christy T.

  • Tag Team Turn Around - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Cheryl & Leigh vs. Sue Sexton & Hollywood * Hollywood vs. Sue

  • Pro-Am Boxing I - Women's Boxing

    Leigh vs. Cindy aka Sugar Rey Renee aka Sweet Savage

  • The Assaulted - Domination Fantasy Catfight

    Christy E. vs. Leigh

  Streaming Videos Featuring Leigh

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