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Web Kitten Photo Sets for Quisha -Members Only


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Wrestler Stats: 5'5" 125 lbs

Seen in: Female Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling and Boxing Videos.

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Hard Hitters ON SALE NOW - Women's Boxing

    Pam Manning Vs. Quisha

  • Sexy Female Wrestling Competition ON SALE NOW - Sexy Female Wrestling Competition

    Hollywood, Dylann, Raven, Alysha, Darla, Darcy, Quisha, Angela

  • Mixed Madness ON SALE NOW - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Christine vs Gary * Quisha vs Tony

  • Domino's Delivers ON SALE NOW - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Quisha Vs. Gary * Mitch Vs. Julie

  • Wrestling In The Rain ON SALE NOW - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Quisha vs Scott * Shelly vs Darron

  • Corporate Espionage ON SALE NOW - 3 Way Punching Catfight Story Line

    Quisha, Tenea & Teri

  • Feline Fever ON SALE NOW - 2 Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless

    Christine Vs. Quisha * Sasha Vs. Christine

  • Wet & Wild Women ON SALE NOW - Outdoor Topless Amateur Female Wrestling

    Candi vs. Amy * Shelly Vs. Quisha

  • Ring Thunder Series: Women's Wrestling ON SALE NOW - Women’s Wrestling Pro Am Style and Pro Style

    Quisha vs. Fire * Nikki the NY Knockout vs. Becky Bayless

  • Ring Thunder ON SALE NOW - Topless Mixed Wrestling

    Quisha vs. Ray

  • Ring Thunder: Women’s Wrestling ON SALE NOW - Pro and Pro Am Style

    Fantasia vs. Helena Heavenly / Quisha vs. Nikki the NY Knockout

  • Ring Thunder - Catfight ON SALE NOW - Topless Female Wrestling Pro-Am Catfight

    Quisha vs. Nicole O.

  Streaming Videos Featuring Quisha

Seen in:Female Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling and Boxing Videos.

Biography: This big breasted woman got her start in wrestling at the famous Hollywood Tropicanna. She competed in a slew of wet t-shirt contests and became very popular amongst female wrestling fans and night club patrons. She also worked for the California Angels, competing in mud and oil wrestling contests all over the world. Quisha is a tried and true athlete, a a veteran in the female wrestling world. She is a hard hitter in her boxing matches, but her favorite weapon are what she calls her "Guns", and she uses them effectively in smothering the breath out of her opponents!

Interview with Wrestler Quisha

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