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Web Kitten Photo Sets for Santana -Members Only


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Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 120 lbs

Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling, Female Wrestling Catfights, Mixed Wrestling, and Special Interest Womens Wrestling

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Fierce Creatures - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Candi Vs. Gary * Santana Vs. Gary

  • Bad Girls Get Spanked - Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling

    Santana Vs. Hollywood

  • Four On The Floor - 4 Way Tag Punching Bondage, Carry, Lift, Fantasy

    Tez & Alysha Vs. Santana & Hollywood

  • Lascivious Ladies - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling

    Sky vs Santana

  • Humble Pie Ala Mode - Mixed Wrestling: Topless 2-on-1

    Candi & Santana vs Gary

  • Lavish Leg & Killer Lips - Special Interest Apartment Fantasy

    Christine vs Christy E. * Santana vs Christy E. * Leigh vs Christine

  • Foolish Pleasure - Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination

    Santana vs. Leigh

  • Cold Courage - Pro-Am Female Wrestling

    Sue Sexton Vs. Santana

  • Toe Tal Control - Foot Fetish Domination

    Santana vs Hollywood

  • Pressed Peaches ON SALE NOW - Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless Domination

    Hollywood vs. Santana

  • Skyjacked - 2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches

    Sky aka Tasha Vs. Santana * Hollywood Vs. Sky aka Tasha

  • Twist Her - Pro-Am Female Wrestling

    Santana vs Sue Sexton

  • Boy Toy - Mixed Wrestling

    Santana vs Jeb

  • Short Fuse - Mixed Wrestling

    Santana Vs. Scott

  • Humble Pie - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Santana & Candi Vs. Gary

  • Topless Trouble - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Catfight

    Candi vs Santana

  • Called On The Carpet - Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless

    Sky aka Tasha vs. Chez * Tez vs. Santana

  • Nasty Habits - 2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches

    Christy E. vs. C.J. Taylor and Tez vs. Santana

  • Slick Slidin' & Slammin' ON SALE NOW - Mixed Oil Wrestling

    Santana, Candi, Tasha, Aereon vs. 4 Foolhardy Males

  • Bare Barbarians - Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude

    Candi vs. Santana

  • Boxing Brutality - 2 Women's Boxing Matches

    Christine vs. Sandy * Tez vs. Santana

  • Steel Trap - 2 -on-1 Pro-Am Female Domination Wrestling

    Hollywood & Sandy vs. Santana

  • Panty Hose Pain - Female Wrestling | Fantasy

    Tasha vs. Santana

  • Savage She-Cats - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Santana vs. Darnelle * Tasha vs. Mike

  • Tangling Teddies - Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless

    Candi vs. Santana

  • Long Sexy Hair - Domination Hair Fantasy

    Santana vs. Christine w/ Reff.

  • Equalizer - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Santana vs. Gravel & Christine vs. Luke

  • Long Sexy Hair II - Domination Hair Fantasy

    Santana vs. Christine with Ref

  • Tropical Storm - 2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches

    Candi vs. Rachel & Santana vs. Christine

  • Blind Spot - Domination Hair Fantasy

    Santana vs. Lady X

  • Lil’ Treasures - 2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches: Domination

    Santana vs. Goldie & Tanya vs. Kat DeVille

  • Merciless Marauders - Domination Female Fantasy

    Santana vs. Lady X

  • Madame Se Slam - Two Pro Style Women Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs Santana, Belle vs Sue Sexton

  • Skin Tight - Topless Female Domination Wrestling

    Santana vs. Kimberly Jane

  • Taming the Domina - Topless Female Wrestling

    Santana vs. Carissa Montgomery

  • Mean Streak Woman - Topless Mixed Wrestling

    Santana vs. Chad

  • Topless Domination - Topless Mixed Domination Wrestling

    Santana vs. Sonny

  • Lethal Locks I - Super Heroine, Long Hair Fantasy Domination, Mixed Wrestling

    Santana vs. Pete

  • Lethal Locks II - Super Heroine, Long HairFantasy Domination, Mixed Wrestling

    Santana vs. Pete

  Streaming Videos Featuring Santana

Biography: Back in the day, we discovered Santana on one of our many talent searches. At her interview, she displayed something that very few individual have, pure natural ability.

We took her under our wings and worked with that natural talent, and she soon became a star of female wrestling world. Fearless and determined, she took on all, and in every style. From t*pless Catfights with the like’s of ex-G.L.O.W., Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and Steel Kittens star, Hollywood, to heated and very competitive Mixed wrestling matches. Santana has even taken on tough pro women wrestlers. Her love for the fetish world is a great addition to our Fantasy / Fetish line, where she plays the long dark haired sexy heroine.

With Santana’s natural ability and gorgeous looks; no matter what style or genera; all her matches for Steel Kittens are exciting. You’ll love this goddess Santana!

Oct. 2015
With great sadness, we suffered the loss of Santana, who passed away earlier this week. Our deepest sympathies to Santana’s family. She was beloved by all and was a tremendous player in the female wrestling industry. She will be deeply missed.

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