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Christine "Tenea"
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Christine "Tenea"

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Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 120 lbs

Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling, Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling, Female Wrestling Catfights, Mixed Wrestling, and Special Interest Womens Wrestling

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Harley's Little Angels - Amateur Female Wrestling: 5 Way Tag Team

    Raven, Hollywood Christine, Dina, Pam Manning

  • Starlet Held Hostage - Domination Bedroom Fantasy Catfight

    Christy E. & Leigh Vs. Hollywood & Christine aka Tenea

  • Lavish Leg & Killer Lips - Special Interest Apartment Fantasy

    Christine vs Christy E. * Santana vs Christy E. * Leigh vs Christine

  • Mixed Madness - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Christine vs Gary * Quisha vs Tony

  • Sweet Revenge - Female Wrestling Catfights: 4-Way

    Leigh & Tenea Vs. Nancy & Christy E

  • Texas Death Match: Battle Of Wounded Knee - Women's Wrestling

    Christine Vs. Hollywood

  • Texas Death Match: Battle of Wounded Knee - I and II - Two Pro Style Women's Wrestling Matches

    Christine Vs. Hollywood * Athena Vs. Hollywood

  • Corporate Espionage - 3 Way Punching Catfight Story Line

    Quisha, Tenea & Teri

  • Bosses' Pet - Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude

    Heather Vs. Christine

  • Feline Fever - 2 Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless

    Christine Vs. Quisha * Sasha Vs. Christine

  • Ruff, Wild & Rowdy - 2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches

    Nancy vs. Tenea * Christy E. Vs. Diane B.

  • Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling - Women's Boxing

    Christine vs. Athena

  • Pro Boxing - Women's Boxing

    Christine Vs. Diane B.

  • Boxing Brutality - 2 Women's Boxing Matches

    Christine vs. Sandy * Tez vs. Santana

  • Manslaughter - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Christine vs. Chuck * Sandy vs. Tony

  • Take On Me - Mixed Wrestling: 2-on-1 Domination

    Christine vs. Darnelle & Anthony

  • Ice, Ice, Baby - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Molly McShane vs. Looney Lane and Christine vs. Belle

  • Long Sexy Hair - Domination Hair Fantasy

    Santana vs. Christine w/ Reff.

  • Equalizer - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Topless

    Santana vs. Gravel & Christine vs. Luke

  • Full Circle - Mixed Wrestling Matches, Topless

    Christine vs. Tony & Taavi vs. Sabrina "Hurricane Havana"

  • Long Sexy Hair II - Domination Hair Fantasy

    Santana vs. Christine with Ref

  • Tropical Storm - 2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches

    Candi vs. Rachel & Santana vs. Christine

  • Stripper Wrestler - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Domination

    Christine vs. Goldie

  • Lethal Affairs - Two Topless Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Christine vs. Travis * Jewel vs. Peter

  • Dream Sequence - Domination Hair Fantasy, Topless

    Jewel vs. Christine & Ref.

  • No Truce - Professional Women’s Wrestling Match

    The Ebony Princess vs. Christine with Ref. Dylan

  • The Latin Beauty - Female Domination, Long Hair Fantasy

    Asun vs. Christine and Chris

  • Savage She Cats - Two Topless Mixed Ring Matches

    Jewel vs. Travis & Christine vs. Peter

  • Iron Grip - Special Interest Domination Match

    Goldie vs. Christine

  Streaming Videos Featuring Christine "Tenea"

Biography: Christine obviously is very beautiful, being a former "Penthouse Pet", but she's also is a great fighter. Not relying on her looks to get ahead in the world of female wrestling, Christine trains hard and at one point in her career fought in the amateur ranks of women's kick boxing. Christine is considered one of the toughest opponents in both female wrestling and in mixed wrestling. She is also not afraid to bare it "all" and enjoys a good old fashioned cat fight or a sexy fantasy/fetish match. Christines' performances are always a thrill and you'll enjoy seeing her excellent Steel Kittens matches!

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