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Wrestler Stats: 5'6" 120 lbs

Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling, Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Womens Boxing, and Special Interest Womens Wrestling

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Jousling Jezebels - Female Jousling

    Elsa Vs. Cheryl * Belle Vs. Pam Manning

  • Blonde Ambitions - Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling

    Belle Vs. Shelly

  • Ring Side Siege - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Belle Vs. Cheryl * Jan Flame (The Dragon Lady) Vs. Andy

  • Back Breaker - Domination Competition

    Sandy vs Belle

  • Nut Cracker Sweet - Mixed Wrestling: Topless

    Malibu Vs. Belle

  • Squashed Tangerine - Professional Women's Wrestling

    Sue Sexton vs Belle

  • Pro Heat - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs Cheryl Rusa (from SK 7) * Andy vs Lace (Reggie Bennet) (from SK6)

  • Wango Tango - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Scott vs Belle * Scott vs Riptide

  • De La Cuff - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches: Special Interest/Domination

    Shelly vs Steve * Belle vs Steve

  • G-Force - Two Women's Wrestling Matches

    Belle Vs. Teri * Pam Manning Vs. D.J.

  • Rebel Yell - 2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs Rochelle * Pam Manning vs Shante

  • Slapped - 2 Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches: Masked

    Teri Vs. Shelly * Belle Vs. Charlie "Golden" Cat

  • Passionate Paws - Foot Fetish Mixed

    Belle Vs. Chris

  • The Bet - Mixed Wrestling: Topless

    Belle Vs. Tony

  • Silent Thunder - Two Pro Style Women's Wrestling Matches

    Cheryl Rusa vs Andy * Belle vs Lace (Reggie Bennet)

  • The Heat Is On - Mixed Wrestling: Topless 2-on-1

    Belle vs Mitch and Gary

  • Boxing Bonanza Vol II - 2 Women's Boxing Matches

    Belle vs Pam Manning * Sasha vs Yvette

  • Three Girls Out For The Night - Female Wrestling Catfights: 4-Way

    Alysha, Hollywood, Sky aka Tasha, Belle

  • Wall To Wall - 2 Half-Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches

    Hollywood Vs. Chez * Belle Vs. Alysha

  • Leather & Lace - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs. Andy * Jan Flame vs. Reggie

  • Head Knockers - 2 Women's Boxing Matches

    Rochelle vs. Shante * Belle vs. Pam Manning

  • Out of Control - Professional Womens Wrestling

    Belle vs. Hollywood

  • Man Eaters - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs. Darnelle * Sandy vs. Scott

  • Ruthless Rodeo - Pro-Am Female Wrestling: Domination

    Christy E. vs. Belle

  • Millenium Massacre - Professional Womens Wrestling

    Belle vs. Hollywood

  • Shackled Queen - Domination Special Interest

    Belle vs Sandy

  • Ice, Ice, Baby - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Molly McShane vs. Looney Lane and Christine vs. Belle

  • Strip Strike - Two Pro Style Womens Wrestling Matches

    Riptide vs. Savvy and Belle vs. Molly McShane

  • Rule the Ring - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Riptide vs. Ebony Princess * Belle vs. Molly McShane

  • Deep Fried - Mixed Oil Wrestling

    Belle vs. Peter

  • Slugfest - Mixed Boxing & Fantasy Topless Boxing

    Belle vs. Gravel & Carolyn aka Sammie vs. Alexis aka Tori

  • Ring Principles - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs. Looney Lane and Molly vs. Fire

  • Grape Juice - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs. Sue Sexton * Riptide vs. Looney Lane

  • Double Edged - Professional Womens Wrestling

    Belle Vs The Ebony Princess

  • Tom Cat - Mixed Wrestling

    Belle vs. Luke w/Ref.

  • Lioness at Large - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Molly vs. Savvy * Belle vs. Riptide

  • Black Diamond - 2 Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs. Travis * Valentina vs. Gravel

  • Trial by Fire - Pro Style Women’s Wrestling - Domination Match

    Fire Vs Belle

  • Games of Skill - Two Pro Mixed Matches

    Belle Vs Peter & Sue Vs Luke

  • Hearts Found Fury - Two Professional Wrestling Matches

    Belle Vs Ebony Princess & Fire Vs Nikki the NY Knockout

  • Women’s Wrestling | Domination - Women’s Wrestling | Domination

    Valentina vs. Belle

  • Clincher - Domination Special Interest

    Shenna Vs. Belle

  • Madame Se Slam - Two Pro Style Women Wrestling Matches

    Belle vs Santana, Belle vs Sue Sexton

  • Boxing Bonanza Vol 1 - Women's Boxing

    Sasha vs. Robin * Belle vs Yvette

  • Battling Blondes - Pro-Amateur Wrestling and Boxing

    Brandy vs. Belle

  • The Contenders: Vol 1 © - Women’s Professional Wrestling

    Frankie vs. Fire * Belle vs. Raquel /Reff: Onyx

  • “The Contenders” Vol II - Women’s Professional Wrestling

    Frankie vs. Belle * Fire vs. Raquel / Reff: Onyx

  • Intensity - Two Mixed Wrestling Matches
    Plus: Mixed Wrestling Features (On DVD only)

    Bill vs. Belle * Raquel vs. Masked- 0

  • Venganza - Two Mixed Wrestling Matches
    Plus: Mixed Wrestling Features (On DVD only)

    Fiorella Fuego vs. Arnie * Belle vs. Masked O

  • Veracity - Two Professional Women’s Wrestling Matches

    Valentina vs. Fire * Belle vs. Desire

  • Fox’s Boxing Girls - Women’s Boxing

    Raquel vs. Belle

  • Queen’s Rule - Professional Women’s Wrestling

    Belle vs. Afrika

  • Mixed Wrestling - Mixed Wrestling

    Belle vs. Randy

  • Street Fight - Pro Style Women’s Wrestling

    Frankie vs. Belle

  • Havoc is in the Ring! - Pro Style Women’s Wrestling and Pro Style Domination Wrestling

    Dreah vs. Jessie Belle Smothers w/Reff. * Jessica Havock vs. Sassy Stephanie

  • It’s a Sin - Female Domination Wrestling

    Lady Victoria vs. Vanessa Allysin Kay vs. Jessie Belle Smothers

  • Cold Shot - Women’s Boxing: Amateur

    Vanessa vs. Dreah * Sassy Stephanie vs. Jessie Belle Smothers

  • The Valentina Effect - Women’s Wrestling | Pro Beatdown | Grudge Match

    Belle vs. Valentina

  • The Assassin - Pro Wrestling, Beatdown

    Belle vs. The Assassin

  Streaming Videos Featuring Belle

Biography: At Steel Kittens this sexy honey blonde is one of our star players. Watch her fight with dagger piercing eyes as she goes head to head in both mixed and women's matches. She is a courageous fighter who loves to fight hard! She is one of the most famous female wrestlers of the day. This diva came up the ranks in submission wrestling, winning a number of amateur championships. Trained by Gene LaBelle and Mando Guerra in the arts of Professional wrestling, she soon became one of Playboys "Lethal Women of Wrestling". Turning down offers to hit the road with the pro circuits, she pursued her own productions. And rightly so, Belle is one of only a handful of female wrestlers that has natural talent, fearless determination and fights with tremendous intensity. She is a beautiful gifted fighter.
Belle is a veteran and a tribute to the female wrestling world. She continues her training by combining Japanese, Mexican and American styles of Pro Wrestling. Explores and trains in jujitsu, judo and many other forms of fighting. Win or loose, Belle gives 100% and is a fan favorite around the world.

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