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Web Kitten Photo Sets for Goldie -Members Only


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Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 120lbs

Seen in: Female Wrestling Catfights and Amateur Wrestling

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Den Drills - Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude
    Goldie vs. Nikkii
  • Cold Sweat - Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude
    Tanya Danielle vs Goldie
  • No Defense - 2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches: Domination
    Tanya Danielle vs. Infinity & Kat DeVille vs. Goldie
  • Lil’ Treasures - 2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches: Domination
    Santana vs. Goldie & Tanya vs. Kat DeVille
  • Stripper Wrestler - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Domination
    Christine vs. Goldie
  • Sheer Determination - Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless
    Goldie vs. Lindsey
  • Dirty Laundry - Female Wrestling Catfighting, Nude
    Cleopatra vs. Goldie
  • Undefiled - Two Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
    Goldie vs. Eden * Angelica vs. Darling
  • Make it a Double - Topless Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling
    Kat DeVille vs. Kelly and Goldie
  • Nasty Girls - Nude Apartment. Catfight
    Tanya vs. Goldie
  • Hostile Honey’s - 2 Topless Mixed Amateur Wrestling Matches
    Goldie vs. Chris & Darling vs. Bill
  • Flipin Dough - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
    Goldie vs. Darling
  • Bikini Top Tie Up - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
    Kelly vs. Goldie
  • Cat Brats - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
    Angelica vs. Goldie * Darling vs. Vicky aka Jackie
  • Security Breach - Female Domination Match
    Terror Vs Goldie
  • Feisty Dolls - Mixed Amateur Wrestling * 1 Topless
    Goldie vs. Bill * Angelica vs. Chris
  • 5 Fall Foot Fetish - Topless Female Wrestling, Foot Fetish
    Goldie vs. Darling
  • Iron Grip - Special Interest Domination Match
    Goldie vs. Christine

  Streaming Videos Featuring Goldie

Biography: This gorgeous model from Great Britain, came to California to make her mark, and with her stunning looks, it didn’t take Goldie long to make a name for herself. Introduced to Cat Fighting from a friend, she soon discovered a love for the wrestle fantasy fight game.

Starting off in several fantasy apartment catfights with opponents like Tanya Danielle, she soon stepped into the Steel Kittens ring with female wrestler Santana, where she quickly learned that training is everything. Her training didn’t prove to be enough for her match with the mysterious and skilled, ring veteran Kat DeVille, but Goldie fights back to prove herself a worthy opponent in her female wrestling match with the experienced woman wrestler, Christine aka Tenea. Tried and true, this female wrestler is always in for a good battle and is not afraid to take on the boys in mixed wrestling and mixed oil wrestling matches. With her knock out looks, and great heart, Goldie is always exciting to watch battle it out!

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