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Nikki the NY Knockout
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Nikki the NY Knockout

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Wrestler Stats: 5'9" 150lbs

Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Hard Core Hill - Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

    Valentina Vs Ebony Princess & Desire Vs Nikki the NY Knockout

  • Two Down Transmission ON SALE NOW - Pro Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Ebony Princess Vs Gravel & Nikki the NY Knockout Vs Angel

  • Hearts Found Fury - Two Professional Wrestling Matches

    Belle Vs Ebony Princess & Fire Vs Nikki the NY Knockout

  • Ring Thunder Series: Women's Wrestling - Women’s Wrestling Pro Am Style and Pro Style

    Quisha vs. Fire * Nikki the NY Knockout vs. Becky Bayless

  • Ring Thunder: Women’s Wrestling - Pro and Pro Am Style

    Fantasia vs. Helena Heavenly / Quisha vs. Nikki the NY Knockout

  Streaming Videos Featuring Nikki the NY Knockout

Biography: Originally from Brooklyn, "NY Knockout" Nikki moved to the West Coast to pursue her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Always an accomplished athlete, Nikki took to the ring quickly and discovered that she enjoyed the luchador-style of wrestling... high-flying, off the ropes and the high risks appealed to this NYC native! Nikki the NY Knockout has since become an Lucha Libra sensation! She has got to be one of the hardest working women of wrestling, never missing her daily training. Nikki knows the importance of bringing value to her sport. She has traveled to the ravaged war zones of Afghanistan to entertain the troops and has earned the honor of performing with the Mexican Lucha Libra Superstar, the legendary Cassandro in arenas in American, Mexico and Canada. Nikki the NY Knockout is an ongoing featured women wrestler in the wild stage show, Lucha VaVoom. We are proud to have this amazing woman show her skills in the Steel Kittens ring!

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