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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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The Princezz Court
Match Competitors: Princezz vs. Chad
HQ Download

Approx. Run Time 35 min.
This video is provided [720x480] for Streaming Download – 1500kpbs

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The Princezz Court
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Witness some great amateur mixed wrestling with a very sexy foot fetish ending! See this sexy little wild cat, a Penthouse Pet, Princezz, in her pink bikini get after her unsuspecting male opponent. With a fierce feminine attitude she quickly gets to work with a head lock followed by some butt smashes to his chest, then ties him up in and gives him some hard head smashes to the crotch. She holds him down with her feet to his face while crabbing up his back! Slaps to standing legs scissors to the head, her male opponent is gasping for air. This little tigress holds nothing back and keeps pouring on the assaults to her male opponent. With some more vicious head butts and kicks to the crotch and he is clearly in pain. She rides him like a pony and crushes him between her sexy legs. Try as he might the Princezz has him at every angle. She holds him down and humiliates him, with face sits, nose pinching, finger bending, titty twisting and more crotch smashing! This guy doesn’t stand a chance as this female amateur rages on to defeat this hapless male. With a reverse over the knee neck breaker, she clasps onto him with a vengeance. She powers over him with her feet on his face and shoves her pretty toes in him mouth, then he is forced to kiss her feet and submit to her will. After some foot kissing submissions, she stands over him with her feet on his crotch and neck till he is out on the ring floor. Great Amateur Mixed Wrestling with the Penthouse Pet,Princezz!*

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Available str_sk-366-01
Streaming Video Match featuring:
Princezz vs. Chad
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Approx. Run Time 35 min.





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