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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Women’s Boxing
Match Competitors: Raquel vs. Belle
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Approx. Run Time 37 min.
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download - 1500kbps

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Women’s Boxing
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Wow, what a great women’s boxing match we have for you! Dr. Fox’s Boxing girls are ready to punch it for his affections. These Foxy Boxers go toe to toe for 6 rounds. Belle is the Champ, but Raquel is all heart. Between rounds, Raquel is pouring on the charm with Fox which infuriates Belle. Champ Belle and Raquel box it out in hard hitting non stop action till one of them is left KO’d on the ring floor. This is one awesome women’s boxing match!

Starting with a pre-fight exam, both girls try for Fox’s attentions. A scrap starts, and Fox has to break them up. After the instructions, both girls come out fighting with some super punching action. Raquel is fast, Belle is calculative. Raquel jabs Belle in the jaw, Belle has Raquel in the ropes and Fox has to break up a clinch. Raquel goes after Belle hard with jabs to the ribs and jaw. Belle is frustrated that she lost round one. Fox looks after Raquel as she is winded.

Round two starts, and Belle takes some good jabs from Raquel, but Belle slams some good punches to Raquel’s Ribs knocking her to the ground. After she recovers, Belle lets Raquel have it in the ropes. Raquel is fighting back hard in spite of her being winded. Round three, is a real punch out till Raquel takes a couple of hard knocks and down she goes. Fox attends to her a bit too much and just angers Belle. Round 4 has Raquel rallying back strong. And in round 5 has Belle down. Round 6, and Raquel drives her hits home till she makes a mistake and leaves herself open to a knock out upper cut from Belle, and down she goes. Fox counts her out and dotes over her. Belle is the winner and is frustrated that she is not getting all the attention. Fox decides he should tend to Raquel in the dressing room and Belle is left standing it in the ring. Raquel lost this fight to a tough contender, but instead, got her man. If you like a hard pounding women’s boxing match, you’ll love this fight!*

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
Raquel vs. Belle
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Approx. Run Time 37 min.





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