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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Female Submission Wrestling
Match Competitors: Lady Victoria Vs. Leigh
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Approx. Run Time 35 min.
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Female Submission Wrestling
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Two very different brunettes enter the ring for some hot professional women's wrestling action. A crafty and talented wrestler from the Cayman Islands, Lady Victoria, wrestles the beautiful, petite Leigh, a Steel Kittens Champion. Victoria enters wearing black and white shots and a top accompanied by wrestling boots. Her adversary, Leigh, is poured into a black body suit that only accentuates her trim and firm body. These two dark beauties begin a bout that is quickly dominated by the experienced and ring-wise Victoria. Leigh becomes a rag doll as Victoria applies full nelsons and body scissors. Its apparent Victoria is having a great time in snatching whole handfuls of Leigh’s hair while she repeatedly rubs her pretty face on the ring ropes. Victoria captures Leigh in an airplane spin and tries to finish this cutie off with a Boston Crab.

Leigh escapes and battles the weighty girl, never losing her willingness to fight. Leigh’s moans permeate the air as she is battered from pillar to post, determined not to give in. Victoria seems to enjoy this brutal mockery as the impressive Leigh continues to hold on. Victoria exhibits a mean streak never before seen in her other battles.

At the end, a tired and distraught loser is straddled and caught in a dreadful chin-lock which leaves her completely lifeless in the middle of the ring. With her limbs stretched out, defenseless, her wrestling is done for the day. Dark Danger seems to have made her mark on professional women's wrestling!!!*

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
Lady Victoria Vs. Leigh
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Approx. Run Time 35 min.





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