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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Big Busted Brawlers
Match Competitors: Shelly vs. Tamara
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Approx. Run Time 26 min.
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download - 1500kbps

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Big Busted Brawlers
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Shelly, the big, blonde Amazon with equally proportional breasts, battles equally large Tamara--who rivals the blonde’s curves as well as her desire to mutilate her foe’s mammaries. The fight begins with Shelly savagely stomping her well endowed foe, then straddling her victim and squeezing Tamara’s orbs with a vengeance hitherto not seen in such battles. Shelly then applies a stepover toehold that leaves Tamara shrieking in pain. Shelly follows her advantage by choking Tamara with her discarded bikini top, leaving her victim gasping for air as she writhes on the carpet.

Tamara has her day, as well, as she rolls the huge busted blonde over on her back and time and again crushes Shelly’s bosoms with her ample ass. The battle rages on and Shelly extracts a submission from Tamara; the apparent loser is not through, however. Tamara jumps from the rug and attacks the busty blonde, Shelly, as she struts her winning act. Finally one huge busted woman straddles the other, sits on her pained and beaten face, and ends the match for today. Nipples are taut and breasts are mangled in this wild amateur female wrestling free-for-all.*

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
Shelly vs. Tamara
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Approx. Run Time 26 min.





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