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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Killer Tomatoes
Match Competitors: Hollywood vs. Santana
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Approx. Run Time 32 min.
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download - 1500kbps

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Killer Tomatoes
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Two of the most beautiful women in wrestling go topless in this savage female wrestling catfight struggle brought on by an argument over who ate the last of the tomatoes. Hollywood attacks Santana on the couch and tries to choke the life out of her. Throwing her to the floor, Hollywood stomps Santana’s firm belly and rips off her top, exposing her large breasts.

The battle rages from floor to couch as Santana retaliates by tearing the blonde’s top off. Two sets of beauteous breasts become victim to terrifying squeezing and nipple twisting. Loud moans fill the room as tight headlocks and scissor holds mangle lovely necks and bellies as the battle rages on. Pillows are used not only to stifle the grunts of pain but also to smother hapless opponents. Neither girl is in control as this non-stop catfight reaches a fever pitch.

Back on the carpet, Hollywood uses her breasts as weapons as she tries to smother Santana. Santana battles back as hair is torn from the root, nails leave red marks on fair flesh, and chokes and violent scissor holds ravage perfect bodies. Bodies roll back and forth until one woman gets the advantage, sits on her opponent’s face, and rubs her breasts in the loser’s face in victory. As sensational a female wrestling catfight as you’ll ever witness.*

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
Hollywood vs. Santana
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Approx. Run Time 32 min.





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