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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Match Competitors: Cindy aka Sugar Rey Renee aka Sweet Savage vs. Carmen
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Approx. Run Time 39 min.
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download - 1500kbps

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This is amateur female wrestling at its most vicious and wicked. Cindy, with her fair flowing down below her waist, announces as she is admiring herself that, “she is unbeatable.” After shedding her nightgown, revealing a spectacular body wearing a scanty white bra and panties that barely cover her rounded breasts and curvy ass, she is challenged by a menacing dark-haired Carmen, who appears in leather outer garments. After shedding her outfit, Carmen also shows her own taught body.

A violent cat-fight commences as Cindy grabs Carmen and tortures her with arm stretches and wicked scissors holds that evoke yelps of pain as Carmen cries out for help. Escaping from this attack, Carmen soon turns the tables and straddles the voluptuous blonde while she yanks her blonde tresses from their roots. Cindy soon becomes a victim of an evil menace: choked, dragged doggy style, and then Carmen sits on her massive chest. This onslaught makes a shambles of Cindy’s nearly naked body, and red welts soon appear. She cries for mercy as she is stomped and battered and her once-proud body is turned into a defenseless and defeated mass of former pulchritude.

Tiring of her assault, Carmen airplane spins Cindy to prepare her for dizzy destruction. She is dropped face up on the floor, ripe for Carmen’s final wrath. Cindy is chloroformed into deep sleep as Carmen administers the final indignities that render Cindy completely beaten and helpless as her once beautiful body can only twitch from the final indignities reaped on her.*

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
Cindy aka Sugar Rey Renee aka Sweet Savage vs. Carmen
HQ Download

Approx. Run Time 39 min.





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