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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Ring Thunder Series
Match Competitors: 2 on 1 – NY KnockOut & RipTide vs. Kaos
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Approx. Run Time 20 min.
This video is provided [720x480] for Streaming Download – 1500kpbs

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Ring Thunder Series
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This exciting Pro Style Mixed Wrestling match up is a special 2 on 1 match. Kaos thinks its all fun and games, just some playtime to wrestle with two women. RipTide and “Nikki” NY KnockOut don’t seem to agree, and rightly so, they are not the women to tangle with! The girls have years of experience behind them and Kaos has no idea what a blow to his ego this is going to be! Thinking of the score, Kaos goes for a hold on NYK. She is all business and is insulted of the fact of his “personal business”, as he puts her in a bear hug. NYK is quick to move on Kaos as RipTide, is all business, waiting her turn. Fast exchanges as they test each others ability’s, and soon RipTide is in to get on the mixed wrestling action! Kaos scrambles for the upper hand but these wrestling girls are not going to let it happen! They soon double team him with flips, slams and rope punishment! There is one holding him down, while the other cuts loose on the prone male. A double leg sweep to a double drop kick and Kaos is fair game. NYK lifts and carry’s him, then brutally drops him had face first to the mat. They wear him down. A double camel clutch, Boston crab, off the floor and Kaos is forced to tap out! Exhausted and spread out, Kaos will have to re-think his ego before stepping in the ring with these two talented women wrestlers! Great 2 on 1, pro style mixed wrestling from Steel Kittens! *

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
2 on 1 – NY KnockOut & RipTide vs. Kaos
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Approx. Run Time 20 min.





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