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STREAMING VIDEO: Women's Wrestling Match Details

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Match Competitors: Belle vs. Brandy
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Approx. Run Time 19 min.
This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming Download Ė 1500kpbs

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A fighting fit Belle is challenged by the sexy bodacious blonde Brandy. Belle moves is quickly and holds Brandy down taunting her and egging her on, but Brandy gets her grove on and smashes Bellesí head in the turnbuckle, followed by stomach smashes, sharp chops and stomps. Looks like we are in for a hot one as the tables turn and Brandy finds herself the victim of Belles assaults! Suplexís, body slams, hair mares, sharp knees to the mid section and Brandy is trapped in the ropes in a furry of brutal crotch kicks! Belle lets it all hang out, bruising and battering the pretty blonde from head to toe! Brandy is crying in pain, but Belle could care less as she reins down her punishment, Completely dominating Brandy! Not satisfied, Belle punishes the weakened Brandy further by punches to the head, bear hugs, butt busters and repeatedly kicks and stomps Brandy. A boot to the face as Brandy lay helpless on the ring floor. But that is not all! Belle just imposes her will, and fighting in the ring isnít enough! After applying a painful figure four, she drags the blonde out to the ring apron for some painful arm, leg and belly punishment like never seen before, then smashes Brandyís head and body on the concrete wall, drags her back to the apron and continues to smash the pretty blondes face in the mat! Brandy is totally under Belles control and is defenseless against her onslaught! Belle just pulverizes the sexy battered blonde! The ending doesnít come soon enough for Brandy as she is finally choked out with a figure four head scissors. You donít want to mess with this fighting fit Queen of the Ring! Belle does an exceptional job dominating Brandy and itís doubtful if Brandy will be willing to get in the ring with her again! *

*Read the Competitors to determine if this is the match you would like to see.

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Streaming Video Match featuring:
Belle vs. Brandy
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Approx. Run Time 19 min.





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