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Female Wrestling Domination

Female WrestlingFemale wrestling domination matches are intense bouts in which one competitor is in complete control almost the whole way through. Perhaps she is motivated by vengeance for a past humiliation in the ring. Perhaps she is fighting for her job, her man, or her money. Or perhaps she just has vastly superior skills in the ring and her opponent was not prepared to face her.

Sexy Female Wrestling Domination Matches

Domination catfights are often even hotter. Tamara bends petite and curvaceous Tami over her knee in “Slave,” spread-eagles her on the floor, torments her breasts, strips her of everything but her white heels and thigh-highs, and spanks her mercilessly until the object of her attack capitulates to be her slave. This is one of the most extreme female wrestling domination videos in our catalog, but each and every video offered by Steel Kittens Video is equally intense and of such high quality that you will feel as though these sensual vixens are there in the room with you.

Female WrestlingWe offer female wrestling domination videos in all genres of wrestling. Bold amateurs meet their match in experienced pros at women’s pro-am wrestling and foxy boxing, determined pros render their opponents helpless in boxing and professional female wrestling matches, and vicious vixens take catfights to a new level of excitement and abandon. Whether you like seeing your favorite girls in control or completely subjugated, Steel Kittens has wrestling videos to appeal to your fantasies as much as your love of sports entertainment.

Female WrestlingSee our list of...

amateur wrestling "Long Sexy Hair II"

Santana vs. Christine with Ref

Domination Hair Fantasy

The sultry, long dark haired Santana is in the ring, strips down to a micro bikini and then parades around the ring, stroking her fingers thru her raven tresses. Christine is out to destroy her rival as it turns into a brutal display of slapping, crotch kicking and belly punching until a surprise ending ends this merciless mauling.

amateur wrestling "Hollywood's Last Act"

Hollywood vs. Christy E. & Candi

Domination Fantasy Bedroom Catfight

A domination fantasy bedroom catfight unfolds as Hollywood breaks into Christy E’s apartment and is attacked by the dangerous Christy E. Gagged and tied after excruciating scissors holds, the blonde escapes only to be caught again and once more tied by Candi & Christy E. Stripped of her jeans, jacket and boots the semi-conscious victim’s bare flesh is taunted unmercifully by her two assailants, in this hot domination action.

amateur wrestling "Starlet Held Hostage"

Christy E. & Leigh Vs. Hollywood & Christine aka Tenea

Domination Bedroom Fantasy Catfight

Hollywood enters her room in boots, leather jacket and miniskirt in this domination bedroom fantasy catfight, when intruder Christy E attacks her. Then Leigh enters to aid Christy E in her destruction of Hollywood, binding her to the bed. Returning the two mangle Hollywood’s tits and rip off her jacket and blouse, exposing the tortured tits. Tene, Hollywood’s roommate, enters and after being attacked is bound to a chair. Two cruel and powerful females have caused mass destruction.

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