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Wrestling Babes and Wrestling Divas

The wrestling babes featured in the Steel Kittens' productions; streaming video downloads and DVDs, are among the best in the industry. Every woman is fearless, powerful, sensual, and sexy. They are the women of your fantasies--whether they are petite or statuesque, blonde or brunette, brutal boxers or sensual catfighters. They are women you will enjoy viewing in our exclusive members-only uncensored photosets as much as you like seeing them in action in our videos.

The wrestling babes you'll see on our website represent a real assortment of the talent in the industry. Some of our wrestling divas work exclusively with Steel Kittens, so you can't see them anywhere else. We are also proud to showcase other talented women as we find them, whether they are professional wrestlers or amateur babes. The amateurs on our site deserve to be grouped with the babes of wrestling because they are skilled in some form of grappling and they make an impressive showing in a ring or apartment match while also being incredibly sexy.

A membership on our site is the best way to get maximum access to the women wrestlers you admire. In addition to the photosets, you'll get free weekly video clips and full length streaming matches to introduce you to new talent, as well as discounts on all the videos you to download and purchase. If you have a real passion for female wrestling and the athletes themselves, consider a Steel Kittens membership a VIP access pass to their world, their history, and their future.

You can't talk about wrestling babes without mentioning Mildred Burke, easily the most important and influential Women's Champion of all time, as well as the founder of the first women's wrestling foundation, the World Women's Wrestling Association. In addition to featuring Mildred and her original girls in some of our videos and glamour shot clip book, some of the Steel Kittens themselves were trained in the ring which was once owned by Mildred Burke-- so you know that the videos we offer will do her proud!

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