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Professional Vintage Women Wrestler List

Glamour Girls Vintage Wrestling Star Of The (50’S – 60’S)

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Gloria Barratini

This voluptuous raven haired ex-opera singer stormed the professional womens wrestling mats in the late 60s and 70s. She battled Nell Stewart numerous times and also teamed in tag matches with Toni Rose and other “heels.” Gloria loved to fight and held her own with every opponent she faced.

Ida May Martinez

This little bundle of Mexican madness was one of the quickest girls ever in professional womens wrestling. She had a knack for escaping holds and confused her larger and stronger foes with her lightning counter attacks. She fought in the days of Judy Grable and was loved by the fans.

Jane Perez

San Antonio Texas was her home, but her violent Latin temper was inborn, making Jane a great professional female wrestler. This curvaceous creature could be a monster in the squared circle and was feared by anyone who faced her. Her favorite trick was to tie her opponent in the ropes and smash her into oblivion.

Jean Lane

This winsome blonde battled mostly in professional womens wrestling in the Chicago area in the 70s--but don’t let her good looks fool you. She always put on a good show and retaliated against brutality with her own version of it. She was very popular in the entire Great Lakes area of the country.

Jo Ann Phillips

This tough brunette also wrestled under the name of Debbie Johnson. Based in St. Louis, she made many trips to Japan where she battled the best girls in the world in professional womens wrestling. Her nemesis seemed to be Velvet McIntyre, and Jo Ann’s rough tactics always seem to backfire on her.

Joan Ballard

Seen briefly in the 60s and 70s, this small bundle of energy tried her best to go up the ladder in the world of professional womens wrestling, but seemed to miss a couple of rungs on the way up. Handicapped by her size, she took some severe beatings and retired early from the mat wars.

Juanita Coffman

This full blooded Indian squaw was a feared foe in professional womens wrestling in the 50s. Her magnificently strong body and muscled limbs were coupled with a destructive attitude and many girls of the era refused to wrestle her. Probably the strongest woman of that era.

Judy Glover

The Sunshine State was home to this bathing beauty blonde, who was a dervish in the ring. Her professional womens wrestling matches with Betty Hawkins and Moolah were legendary as her quickness seemed to nullify their brute power. Judy loved tag matches.

Judy Grable

Judy was better known as the “Barefoot Contessa” in her many years in the game. She was a regular in Japan as she fought the best the Orient had. Her many matches with Moolah were always exciting and this attractive blonde almost had the professional womens wrestling title in her hands in numerous bouts.

June Byers

This Texan was the closest rival to Mildred Burke during the “Fabulous Fifties,” when professional womens wrestling really became popular. June fought them all, used her left handed forearm smash and fists to wreck havoc, and was a really dangerous wrestler. She won the World Title from Millie in a contested match in which Millie claimed she was robbed of the Title.

June Byers Vs Verne Bottoms

These photographs show action from a match between June Byers and husky Verne Bottoms, who had no respect for the talented Texan. June’s mastery of holds definitely proved the turning point in this hotly contested battle between two of the greatest names in professional womens wrestling in the 50s.

Karen Kellogg

This gorgeous young and talented wrestler was trained by Billy Wolfe to capture the professional womens wrestling title and return it to his home of Columbus, Ohio. Billy had divorced Mildred Burke and also June Byers, who then lived with him. Karen was well conditioned but lacked ring experience, and Cora Combs obliterated her in this set of photos.

Kay Noble

One of the best wrestlers of the 60s & 70s, this svelte and conditioned athlete starred in the upper Midwest, Texas, and the Great Plains. Her best matches were with Vivian Vachon, Jean Antone, Mars Monroe, and Jessica Rogers. They were all talented as well, but Kay got the upper hand in most of these professional womens wrestling matches.

Kiyoka Seito

This wrestler was American born and traveled to Japan where she learned the art of ring warfare. Returning to the US in the 70s she used a deadly sleeper hold to ravish the US girls she faced and was succesful in climbing to championship status before she disappeared from professional womens wrestling for an unknown reason.

LeChona LeClair

LeChona was an absolutely gorgeous wrestler who hailed from Quebec, Canada and traveled extensively in the US during the 60s & 70s. This dark haired buxom fighter was the toast of every audience she appeared before, winning a majority of her professional womens wrestling matches against women of that era.

Linda Carroll

This very buxom blonde spent a lot of time wrestling both of the Boucher sisters, Rita and Betty. An even match for either of these two, Linda was of equal talent and showed the New England fans a style of grappling-based professional womens wrestling that they thoroughly enjoyed.

Lola Loray

Lola was a beautiful raven haired woman with eyes on the top tier of the 60s group of professional womens wrestling stars. She was definitely a “Baby Doll,” and the fans wanted to see her demolish larger and heavier “Heels” like Verne Bottoms and Bonnie Watson. Lola was taught some lessons she never forgot!

Lorraine Johnson

Blonde Lorraine hailed from Red Wing, Minnesota where her father raised her like a boy. Her perfectly developed body and competitive nature wowed the fans in both single and tag team professional womens wrestling bouts in the 60s & 70s era. Her daughter followed in her footsteps and became a girl gladiator in the 80s.

Lucille Dupree

This French-Canadian athlete once won the Canadian woman’s title and then made many tours of the States showing off her mastery of holds and flying feet. She was one of the first in professional womens wrestling to display aerial maneuvers in her wrestling style and was always a tough opponent.

Marlene Parker

A hefty hussy who dominated the Chicago professional womens wrestling market for many years, Marlene was strong and very dedicated as a power wrestler. Her strength was in her massive legs and she held opponents in terrifying scissors holds as they screamed for mercy.

Mars Monroe

A rival of Kay Noble in many bouts, this Minneapolis native was an accomplished ring worker who learned the ropes from watching television. Determined that she would become a professional woman wrestler, Mars starred in the upper Midwest for many years, always giving the fans their money’s worth.

Marva Scott

Also an Ohio girl, this rather petite ebony beauty joined the ranks of the many black girls in professional womens wrestling in the 60s & 70s. Starring mostly in tag team bouts, Marva was a fresh new face for her foes to battle. Her speed and athletic ability made her a top wrestler.

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