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Professional Vintage Women Wrestler List

Glamour Girls Vintage Wrestling Star Of The (50’S – 60’S)

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Mary Jane Robinson

Calling Washington, DC her home base, this attractive black girl wrestled mainly on the Eastern Seaboard--almost always in tag-team matches, which were her specialty. She was exceptionally strong for a girl so slight, but once in action she overpowered girls twice her size--even some of the biggest stars in professional womens wrestling.

Miscellaneous Photos:

A group of different photos featuring Kay Noble, Laura Martinez, Fabulous Moolah, Rita Cortez, Toni Rose, Barbara Baker and a few others from our professional womens wrestling Vintage Collection.

Mona Baker

This really pretty blonde battled Mary Jane Mull on many occasions as well as other girls from the Midwest Region. Slight of build but strong of heart, Mona gave every opponent her best shot, and ended up beating some of the best names of professional womens wrestling in the 60s.

Nell Stewart

Billed as the “Alabama Assassin”, Nell was the ultimate glamour girl of Billy Wolfe’s stable of professional womens wrestling stars in the 50s. This very sexy lady had Mildred Burke beaten for the title on one occasion, but lost the match on a technicality. She loved to play the “Heel,” Nell passed away from cancer several years ago.

Olga Martinez

Mexican Olga invaded the US and fought many times with beauteous Brenda Scott in the 60s, a great rivalry of professional womens wrestling. She also faced Jessica Rogers, Penny Banner, Fran Gravette, and a host of others who simply couldn’t keep up with her amazing power.

Olga Zepeda

A native of Houston, Texas, Olga spent most of her time wrestling in the Southwest, California, and Mexico. At 140 pounds, she was well equipped to hold her own and her flying style confused many of her opponents in professional womens wrestling.

Pat Sherry

Hollywood was her home and Pat had a face and body to be a movie queen, but opted to turn to the professional womens wrestling ring to gain her fame. She worked all over the Country in the 60s and met all the greats, winning more than she lost. She even almost won the World Championship from Fabulous Moolah!

Peggy Allen

This hot redhead worked in the 60s in professional womens wrestling and played both “Heel” and “Baby Doll.” A fan favorite, she fought Judy Grable, Rita Cortez, Ida May Martinez, Fran Gravette, Fabulous Moolah, and Penny Banner--always giving her all and gaining the adulation of the crowds.

Penny Banner

One of the all time greats in professional womens wrestling, Penny was tall, skillful, and a born winner. She wore two piece suits and displayed one of the fittest bodies in the sport. Once married to male wrestler Johnny Weaver but now divorced, Penny is a real estate agent in Charlotte, NC. No quarter asked for or given here!

Princess Little Cloud

This lovely and beautiful full blooded Cherokee Indian made a name for herself in the 60s & 70s in professional womens wrestling. She battled both of the Boucher sisters, Rita and Betty, and Fabulous Moolah many times--always giving the Champion a real scare in the ring due to her vast speed and ring knowledge.

Princess Toma

Princess Toma always entered the ring in a full Indian headdress, and when the bell rang Toma started to fight. A large girl, she really enjoyed whipping her pale faced foes and loved the excitement of the professional womens wrestling ring. Her war whoop always set off the crowd, and she then bashed her rivals mercilessly.

Ramona Isbell

Considered the toughest and meanest black wrestler in professional womens wrestling, this Ohio native took control of a match from the start. Of all the African American girls in the sport in the 60s & 70s, Ramona was the biggest, strongest, and best trained of them all.

Rita Cortez

This Mexican was a sensation in professional womens wrestling, moving from “Good Girl” to “Heel” with every bout. Moolah and Rita had some vicious bouts, and Judy Grable was her arch enemy. Peggy Allen, Fran Gravette, and Olga Martinez all felt her wrath, as she was a whirlwind once aroused.

Sharon Lass

Exploding on the Upper Midwest scene, Sharon brought beauty and brains to the professional womens wrestling ring, though not a whole lot of experience. Mixing it up in tag team matches, she was generally beaten to a pulp, knocked out, or hopelessly pinned. She vanished from the ring after a couple of years.

Sherri Martel

Sherri Martel (born Sherri Russell) (February 8, 1958 - June 15, 2007) was an American professional wrestler and valet, better known by her ring name, Sensational Sherri. Throughout her career, Martel competed in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) as Sherri Martel, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as Sensational Sherri, Sensational Queen Sherri and Peggy Sue, and in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as Sensuous Sherri and Sister Sherri.

Shirley Strimple

Married to male wrestler Roy McClarity, Shirley also was based out of Chicago. This gorgeous housewife was a very competent grappler. In the 50s she met cab driver Dot Dodson in Columbus, Ohio and pulled a startling upset on the larger girl. Her husband taught her well, making her one of the greats in professional womens wrestling.

Sylvia Torres

Yet another latina wrestler who loved to brawl. Sylvia came from Southern California but wrestled all over America in the 60s, boasting a slam bam fast action style with some aerial moves never seen before in professional womens wrestling. She retired only after a few years in the ring.

Tina Cole

Tina was yet another strong black girl who rocked the professional womens wrestling ring in the 60s & 70s. These girls saw the mat as an opportunity to be noticed in a world that did not really include women wrestlers--especially black ones.

Toni Rose

This New Jersey woman of Italian descent became a really great “Heel” in professional womens wrestling in the 60s & 70s. Teaming with Moolah as almost a permanent tag team, she met Sue Green, Paula Kaye, The Boucher Sisters, Judy Grable, Joyce Grable, and many others--all of whom she tried to disassemble. A great warrior!

Tyla Pryne

The master of the splash, Tyla used her weight and wrestling skill to great advantage in her brief three years on the professional womens wrestling circuit. The audiences loved her destructive ways and one-sided bouts as she brutalized the smaller girls who faced her.

Vickey Page

Vickey looked more like a debutante than she did a wrestler. Changing her hair from dark to light and back again, she looked different in every bout. One thing remained the same however-- her constant evolution in the mat game, which made her an extremely proficient professional womens wrestling star.

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