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Professional Vintage Women Wrestler List

Glamour Girls Vintage Wrestling Star Of The (50’S – 60’S)

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Andrea Olson

This Swedish beauty invaded the US in the 1960s and returned to her native homeland after only a few months, as she found that professional womens wrestling in the US was too rough and tough for her mat style of wrestling.

Ann Casey

Nicknamed the “Panther Girl,” Ann wrestled barefoot and often wore leopard or other animal print tights. She was a gorgeous woman with jet black hair, fair skin, and a voluptuous body. Her professional womens wrestling career was interrupted for a time after she was injured in a serious auto accident. Ann was always the “baby doll” and often received severe beatings from larger and meaner girls.

Barbara Baker

This native of West Virginia was an athletic and buxom battler and fought in the 50s and 60s with the greatest legends in professional womens wrestling. She had a fiery temper and her impressive ring knowledge saved her pretty face in many close calls with the toughest of female villains.

Betty Ann Spencer

This compact dark skinned professional womens wrestling star was a native of Sylvania, Georgia and wrestled for many years-- primarily in tag-team matches partnering other African American girls. A very compact 145 pound wrestler who stood only about 5’5”, Betty Ann was a terror in the ring and loved dishing out pain, especially to her white rivals.

Betty Boucher

This Massachusetts native often teamed with sister Rita in tag-team action against the Fabulous Moolah and her collection of “heels.” She filled out her ring tights like a fashion model, and was many a man's fantasy. Despite her diminutive size, Betty held her own with the best girls of the day in professional womens wrestling, and her rapid moves and flying feet made her an opponent to be wary of.

Betty Clark

Hailing from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Betty called Roanoke her home. A rather large and powerful woman, she made an instant mark in the rough and ready climate of professional womens wrestling in the 60s and early 70s. Betty used her enormous strength and size to the fullest advantage in the ring.

Betty Evans

Little is known of this powerful blonde powerhouse who was an early advocate of body building and strength training, as well as professional womens wrestling. She wasn’t the fastest girl on the mat, but once you were in her grip she made you suffer. She wrestled in the era of Judy Grable and Rita Cortez and was a force to be reckoned with.

Betty Hawkins

Teaming with June Byers and Toni Rose in many tag matches, this Florida girl grappler was once the State Champion. She was especially adept at using brutal forearm smashes against an opponent trapped in the ropes, as Betty gleefully smashed heads and chests in a relentless style that made her a star in professional womens wrestling.

Beverly Lehmer

This rather tall and talented blonde loved to play the “heel” as she battled Penny Banner and others during the Golden Era of professional womens wrestling. She asked no quarter and gave none as she relentlessly attacked as the bell rang. Beverly’s full nelson was a dangerous and devastating weapon.

Bonnie Watson

A powerhouse in the ring, Bonnie fought the best of the 60s and 70s in professional womens wrestling. This Oklahoma wrestler was as mean as they come. She loved to destroy smaller “Baby Doll” types, and her size and power brought fear to her rivals' eyes.

Brenda Scott

In the 60s, Brenda was easily the most beautiful female in professional womens wrestling. She filled out her wrestling togs in all the right places, but this blonde bombshell also knew how to cram the fans into the arenas to watch her battle the likes of Moolah, Ida May Martinez, and Ann Casey.

Carmine Scorpien

This buxom beauty of Latin extraction only participated in professional womens wrestling for about 2 years, as her diminutive size and moderate skills put her at a disadvantage when grappling the more experienced girls on the circuit. Carmine always gave it her best, though at times it just wasn’t good enough.

Carol Cook

This whirlwind wrestler started in the 50s and opposed many of the original stars of professional womens wrestling. She matched holds with the great Nell Stewart and gave the blonde fits in and out of the ring. Carol was taken early from us as she perished in an auto accident on the way to a wrestling engagement.

Cora Combs

Kentucky was home to this fiery and beautiful redheaded wildcat. Cora battled Nell Stewart, Mildred Burke, and Mae Weston (among others), and had several matches with Karen Kellogg (Billy Wolfe’s hope for a champion). Karen got creamed by Cora, who continued in professional womens wrestling for over 30 years. She is the mother of beautiful blonde Debbie Combs, who still battles in the ring.

Dinah Beamon

This beautiful black girl joined the ever increasing ranks of African American stars who worked in professional womens wrestling in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. These black athletes knew that they had the talent and ability to dominate the sport and Dinah joined this group in search of a title. She was a great grappler with lightning moves.

Elaine Perry

Known under her ring name of Violet Viann, this small bundle of energy was a real star of the 50s. She could take the punishment from someone like June Byers and then come blasting back with her avenging responses in seconds. Very quick and very talented, she was a real star of the Golden Era of professional womens wrestling.

Ella Waldek

An extremely great athlete hailing from Washington, this powerful blonde seemed to have Nell Stewart’s number. Ella, one of the best fast pitch softball pitchers ever, worked out daily in the gym and strengthened her physique to awesome levels that placed her in a feared position every time she entered the professional womens wrestling ring.

Ethel Brown

Ethel Brown hailed from Columbus, Ohio. Despite a petite stature of 5'3" and weight of 135lbs, Ethel wrestled from 1950 to 1956, quickly becoming a popular draw with fans around the nation. Despite her good looks and small size, she was very athletic with a desire to win, thereby beating many opponents. Ethel enjoyed the travel, money and community of wrestling. Her idol was her friend, Nell Stewart, her nemesis, June Byers.

Evelyn Stevens

Hailing from Tennessee, this shapely terror moved to Missouri and did much of her wrestling in Chicago, Minneapolis, and the Great Plains. Looking like a “Baby Doll” Evelyn was much better as a “Heel” and fought Kay Noble, Jean Antone, and Princess Jasmine time and again in very vicious professional womens wrestlingbouts.

Fabulous Moolah

Lillian Ellison was her real name, but Billy Wolfe re-named her “Moolah” because she always fought like it was a money match. Moolah started in the 50s and wrestled through the early 90s, holding the undisputed professional womens wrestling World Title longer than anyone in the history of the sport. Her cruelty was her trademark.

Fran Gravette

Speed and agility were Fran’s trademarks, and this curvy blonde had a feud with Judy Grable in the 60s as to which blonde was the best! She also fought numerous battles with Moolah. Rita Cortez and Peggy Allen left Fran with medical problems and she disappeared from the professional womens wrestling ring in the early 70s.

Georgia Brown

From Columbia, South Carolina, this talented ebony star was better known as “Sweet Georgia Brown”. There was nothing “Sweet” about her as she became a whirlwind when the bell sounded. Georgia liked to team with other black girls in tag matches that thrilled professional womens wrestling fans in the Eastern USA.

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