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Professional Super Stars Wrestler List

Super Stars of Vintage Women's Wrestling (70's - 90's)

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Aja Kong Women of Wrestling: Aja Kong

Erika Shishido (born September 25, 1970) is a professional wrestler, better known by the stage name Aja Kong, and the founder of the ARSION all-women professional wrestling promotion. Shishido has won several championships in both singles and tag team divisions throughout her career, primarily while with All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. She made her debut in the summer of 1986, and immediately joined Dump Matsumoto's heel stable the Atrocious Alliance, along with fellow classmate and tag team partner Nobuko Kimura. After the stable dissolved in 1988 due to Matsumoto's retirement, Shishido and Kimura went their separate ways, but re-formed in 1990 as Jungle Jack.
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Akira Hokuto Women of Wrestling: Akira Hokuto

Debuting for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW) shortly before her eighteenth birthday, Hokuto immediately stood out from the crowd, winning AJW's Rookie of the Year award for 1985.[3] The next year, she won the AJW Junior Championship, and participated in AJW's Match of the Year, paired with Yukari Omari in a losing effort against Chigusa Nagayo and Yumiko Hotta in the final of the annual Tag League Tournament.
In 1987, Hokuto won the AJW's top tag team belt, the WWWA World Tag Team Championship paired with Yumiko Hotta. Twelve days later, however, the two lost the titles to the Red Typhoons (Kazue Nagahori and Yumi Ogura) in a two out of three falls match.
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Allison Royal Women of Wrestling: Allison Royal

Wrestler: Allison Royal
Real Name: Christine Arrant
February 23, 1992 - LPWA Super Ladies Showdown: Miki Handa & Mami Kitamura defeated Allison Royal & Lisa Starr.
Late 1993: Alundra Blayze defeated Allison Royal in the first round of the WWF Woman's Wrestling Title Tournament.
Allison Royal is now a Orange County budget analyst.
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Alma Alvarez Women of Wrestling: Alma Alvarez

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Baby Face Nellie Women of Wrestling: Baby Face Nellie

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Bad Black and Beautiful Women of Wrestling: Bad Black and Beautiful

Bad Black & Beautiful were the meanest tag team partners in the LPWA. Their historic matches with fan favorites Malia Hosaka and Bambi and Good guys Big Mo (Reggie Bennett) and Lil’ Mo (Cheryl Rusa) were the best tag team matches in it’s time.
And lets not forget the grueling matches with “Sexy” Sindy Paradise and “Sweet” Georgia Brown.
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Bambi Women of Wrestling: Bambi

Selina Majors (born June 12, 1967), better known by her stage name Bambi, is an American professional wrestler. Bambi debuted as a professional wrestler in 1986 working for David McLane. She competed in his nationally televised professional women's wrestling league, Powerful Women of Wrestling (POWW) as Bambi. In 1987 and 1988, Bambi feuded with AWA World Women's Champion Madusa Miceli. She also competed in a lingerie battle royal at the AWA SuperClash III pay-per-view event on December 13, 1988.
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Bertha Faye Women of Wrestling: Bertha Faye

Rhonda Ann Sing (February 21, 1961 – July 27, 2001) was a Canadian professional wrestler. After training with Mildred Burke, she wrestled in Japan under the name Monster Ripper. In 1987, she returned to Canada and began working with Stampede Wrestling, where she was their first Stampede Women's Champion. In 1995, she worked in the World Wrestling Federation as the comedic character Bertha Faye, winning the WWF Women's Championship. She also wrestled in World Championship Wrestling to help generate interest in their women's division. She died in 2001 from undisclosed medical problems, although some sources indicate she may have committed suicide.
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Black Venus Women of Wrestling: Black Venus

Black Venus fought from 1986 to 1993 with the WWE, WCW, LPWA and USA.
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Brittany Brown Women of Wrestling: Brittany Brown

In 1990, Brown began her training to become a professional wrestler at The Fabulous Moolah's Girl Pro Wrestling School in Columbia, South Carolina under the direct training of The Fabulous Moolah and Donna Christanello. She then trained under Killer Kowalski and was the Ladies Champion of Kowalski's International Wrestling Federation for well over a decade. Brown eventually became one of Kowalski's trainers to both male and female students at his school outside of Boston, Massachusetts. During the same time she was the IWF Ladies Champion, she was also the Ladies Champion of the National Wrestling Alliance.
She is also one of three female wrestlers, (the others being Akira Hokuto and Lita), to ever step back in the ring and work regularly after suffering a broken neck.
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Bull Natano Women of Wrestling: Bull Natano

Keiko Nakano (born January 8, 1968), better known as Bull Nakano, is a former professional wrestler. She began competing in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW) as a teenager under the ring name Bull Nakano. As a wrestler she was a villain, who often teamed with her mentor Dump Matsumoto. In Japan, she held several of AJW's singles and tag team championships. After being phased out by the company in the early 1990s, she traveled to North America, where she first competed in Mexico's Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), becoming its first World Women's Champion. In 1994, she made her way to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where she had a feud with Alundra Blayze (Madusa Miceli) over the WWF Women's Championship.
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Candi Devine Women of Wrestling: Candi Devine

Candace Rummel (born ca. 1960) is a former American professional wrestler better known by her ring name Candi Devine (aka Candi Divine). Born as Candace Rummel, Candi Devine began her wrestling career by running a fan club for Lanny Poffo and working briefly as a ring girl for ICW in Kentucky. Devine is best known for her time spent in the American Wrestling Association feuding with Sherri Martel. She held the AWA Women's Championship on four separate occasions. She won a battle royal to fill the vacated title in 1984. Devine competed at the AWA's SuperClash, WrestleRock '86, Battle by the Bay and War in the Windy City cards.
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Cheryl Rusa Women of Wrestling: Cheryl Rusa

How It Started: She was training to compete in a bodybuilding contest when her boyfriend was watching GLOW one Saturday morning. He called her over and said "Hey! Check this out!" She watched for a few minutes before telling him that she thought it was stupid! He laughed at her and said she was just jealous that they were on TV and she wasn't. They argued back and forth like that for awhile. After the show was over they had an ad that said if you think you've got the stuff to be a GLOW girl, send in a photo and resume. Her boyfriend pretty much dared her to send something in. So, she faked up a resume and sent a photo...they called….
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Comrade Orga Women of Wrestling: Comrade Orga

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Cutie Suzuki Women of Wrestling: Cutie Suzuki

Cutie was born on October 22, 1969 in Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan and made her pro wrestling debut on September 19, 1986.
Cuty is retired now, but during her career, she held the UWA Junior Wrestling title, the JWP Junior Wrestling title and one half of the JWP Tag Team Women's Wrestling titles five times. Twice with Mayumi Ozaki, once with Devil Masami and twice with Dynamite Kansai.
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Debbie Combs Women of Wrestling: Debbie Combs

Debbie Szestecki is a professional wrestler better known as Debbie Combs. Combs worked in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and is a former NWA World Women's Champion. She originally won the title by winning a battle royal in Honolulu, Hawaii in spring 1986. At some point, she was no longer recognized as the champion and defeated Penny Mitchell to become the champion again in Kansas City, Missouri on April 10, 1987. The Kansas City promotion withdrew from NWA in 1987 and closed in 1988. The NWA vacated Combs' title and awarded Misty Blue Simmes the reinstated NWA United States Women's Championship (a replacement of the prior NWA World Women's Championship held by Combs). Combs challenged Simmes to a title match at a Delta Tiger Lilies card in 1989, but Simmes was unable to accept due to an arm injury she had sustained.
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Donna Christanello Women of Wrestling: Donna Christanello

Donna Christanello, was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylivania and of Italian decent. A professional wrestler trained by The Fabulous Moolah. She lived with Fabulous Moolah on and off for forty years, and assisted with training women wrestlers Sherri Martel and Brittany Brown.
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Hiroyo Matsumoto Women of Wrestling: Hiroyo Matsumoto

Hiroyo Matsumoto is a joshi puroresu wrestler in Japan who wrestled for Mariko Yoshida's Ibuki promotion. Emi Sakura gave her the nickname of Lady Destroyer because Hiroyo broke a wall in the Ichigaya arena during her Ice Ribbon debut .On July 16, Matsumoto had her official debut match against Hanako Kobayashi in Shinjuku Face, winning with a Body Slam.
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Itsuki Yamazaki Women of Wrestling: Itsuki Yamazaki

Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 lbs Real Name: Itsuki Yamazaki DOB: Unknown Hometown: Unknown Wrestler Since: 1980 Finishing Maneuver: Unknown Other Related Websites: Itsuki Yamazaki - Obsessed With Wrestling Bio Jumping Bomb Angels - Obsessed With Wrestling Bio Jumping Bomb Angels - Wikipedia Bio History: (Under Construction) Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (3 - 7, 1 Draw) - AJW Japan Grand Prix '85 (June) = Yamazaki competed in the league, which was won by Lioness Asuka. - AJW Budokan Hall (August 22, '85) = The Jumping Bomb Angels (Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno) lost a "Three Falls" Match to Dump Matsumoto & Bull Nakano. - AJW Japan Grand Prix '86 (May/June) = Yamazaki competed in the league, which was won by Yukari Omori.
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Joyce Grable Women of Wrestling: Joyce Grable

Joyce Grable is an American former professional wrestler and the long-term tag team partner of Wendi Richter. She held the NWA United States Women's Championship once and the NWA Women's World Tag Team Championship four times—twice with Richter and twice with her other tag team partner Vicki Williams.
In 1978 at Superbowl of Wrestling II, she defeated seven other wrestlers in an eight-woman battle royal. Later that year, she defeated Ann Casey to win the NWA United States Women's Championship. In 1979, she helped train Judy Martin. In August 1979, the team of Grable and Williams defeated The Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai and Martin) to begin their second reign as NWA Women's Tag Champions.
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Judy Martin Women of Wrestling: Judy Martin

Judy Hardee is a former female professional wrestler known as Judy Martin. Martin is a former WWF Women's Tag Team Champion. She held the title with partner Leilani Kai as The Glamour Girls. The Glamour Girls also held the LPWA Tag Team titles.
In 1981, Martin competed in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)'s women's tag-team division, original partnering with Candy Malloy. She also often partnered with Leilani Kai and occasionally Donna Christanello. Martin also challenged champion Wendi Richter for the WWF Women's title as part of The Fabulous Moolah's stable of wrestlers that included Spider Lady, Mad Maxine, and Leilani Kai.
Kai and Martin were awarded the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship from champions Velvet McIntyre and Desiree Petersen in 1985
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Lady X Women of Wrestling: Lady X

Peggy Lee competed in the World Wrestling Federation in the mid-1980s. In 1984, she formed a tag team with Wendi Richter and frequently challenged WWF Women's Tag Team Champions Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria. By 1985, Leather and Richter split up. Richter became a face and won the WWF Women's Championship. She challenged Richter for the title, but was unsuccessful.
In 1990, she briefly competed in World Championship Wrestling and was defeated by Bambi on WCW Worldwide. She then joined the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association and competed as Lady X. She defeated Susan Sexton on January 31, 1991 in Laughlin, Nevada to win the LPWA Championship.
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