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Members Help Page

Remeber to Login first in order to view exclusive member areas! Note: If you return to the login page after you are already logged in, you will need to login again.

*How to Order a Membership *How to view Photo Sets *How to view MPEG & WMV Movies *Help playing MPEG & WMV Movies *Streaming Video Help *More Help *Adding This Site to Trusted Sites

Membership Help

To order a membership click here and click on the "sign up now" button next to the level you choose. You must have a credit card or paypal account to place your order.

Membership Cancellation:
To cancel your membership click here.

If your experiencing issues with your membership contact support at

How do I view Exclusive Steel Kitten's Photo Sets?

Steel Kitten's Photo sets are only available to Members. You can view photo sets by going to our site and logging in.

After you have logged in you will be able to view all photosets available by clicking on a category and then tape title. For tapes with photosets available you will see a button that says: "Click here to view Photoset".

How do I view SK Web Kitten's Photo Sets?

SK Web Kitten's Photo sets are only available to Members. First login. Then click on the Web Kittens link on the lower left-side menu. A list of links for the Web Kitten's Photo Sets will appear next to the Name of each Web Kitten.

How do I view Exclusive Steel Kitten's MPEG & WMV Movies movies?

Steel Kitten's MPEG & WMV movies are only available to Members. To view movies click on the "Members Only Movies" button on the left side menu after you have logged in. Wait for the screen to load then choose tapes on menu and click the play button to view. In some browsers the Movie will begin to play automatically. For those with slower connections click the stop button and wait for entire Movie to load. This will ensure smooth playback.

Help playing MPEG & WMV files

You must have Windows Media Player in order to view Movies. If you do not have Windows Media Player player. Click on one of the links below to download it for free.

Get Windows Media Player

If Movie doesn't start, some versions of windows media player don't start right away and don't allow you to push play until the entire file is loaded. Give the file some time to loaded and it will begin playing automatically or click the play button to replay a video that has already loaded.

If Movie doesn't play smoothly, click the pause button on the player, wait for entire clip to finish loading then click play.

Movie Tricks: Windows Media Player has an option to enlarge video or play on entire screen. If you prefer this method of viewing, right-click on the clip and choose "full screen" or "Zoom".

Problems Viewing Streaming Videos:

  • Internet Explorer is showing a Red X instead of video:
    Solution: Reset the IE defaults:
    1. Click on “Tools” and then Internet Options then click on the Advanced tab.
    2. Locate the Reset Internet Explorer Settings heading and then click the “Reset..” button.
    3. Navigate to a site with video links and try clicking one of the links.
    4. You should see a pop up at the bottom regarding the video plugin. Click Allow.
  • Problems ordering or viewing videos:
    Solution: Try another browser:

    We recommend Google Chrome. It's quick, free, and easy to download. If you would like to try it click here (This will open in a new window/tab)

Special Order Downloads Available
Want to order a match for download in DVD High Quality? * You can now! Just email us.

All Special Order downloads will be processed though our offices only.

About the Quality

Steel Kittens Videos and DVD's are superior in technical quality. Brilliant color and quality sound, guaranteed. Some of our Vintage tapes are were taken from 8mm film, and are silent black and white footage. The streaming video files vary in quality and do not represent the quality of the DVD’s and Videos that we sell. We continually strive to upgrade our site as technology changes daily.

Need more help? Click Here

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