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Web Kitten Photo Sets for Alexis -Members Only


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Wrestler Stats: 5'7" 135 lbs

Seen in: Amateur, Mixed Wrestling, and Boxing

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Ole’ Alexis - 2 Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches

    Alexis vs. Infinity and Tanya Danielle vs. Alexis

  • Slugfest - Mixed Boxing & Fantasy Topless Boxing

    Belle vs. Gravel & Carolyn aka Sammie vs. Alexis aka Tori

  • Dangerous Curves - Two Sexy Mixed Wrestling Matches - 1 Topless

    Alexis vs. Peter & Lindsey vs. Travis

  • Cannonball Queens - 2 Amateur Female Wrestling Matches, 1 Topless

    Alexis vs. Lindsey & Shelly vs. Carrera

  • Recipe for Trouble - Two Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Alexis vs. Travis & Shelly vs. Darnelle

  • Test of Desire - Special Interests - Test of Strenghts

    Desire vs. Alexis

  • 10 Mixed Wrestling Fantasies - Mixed Wrestling Fantasy

    Featuring Julianna, Alexis, Carrera, Goldie, Dalia, Katianna

  Streaming Videos Featuring Alexis

Biography: This stunning buxom beauty has graced the screen in numerous fantasy female wresting bouts and mixed wrestling. A glamour girl with many talents besides modeling and acting, she is well educated, a gifted writer, an excellent dancer, and also very competitive.

Her competitive streak comes alive in her female wrestling match with the blonde beauty Tanya Danielle, finishing her off with a cross-body leg split. Amazing! In Boxing, she has a "Slug Fest" and demolishes Carolyn in a Popeye cartoon remake. Alexis is a strong girl and she really shows it in her Steel Kittens mixed wrestling matches.

Alexis' beauty and grace is a delight to our fans and an excellent addition to Steel Kittens.

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