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Web Kitten Photo Sets for Darling -Members Only


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Wrestler Stats: 5'5" 125lbs

Seen In: Amateur Female Wrestling and Mixed

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 Seen in Women's Wrestling Videos:

  • Undefiled - Two Topless Amateur Female Wrestling

    Goldie vs. Eden * Angelica vs. Darling

  • Hostile Honey’s - 2 Topless Mixed Amateur Wrestling Matches

    Goldie vs. Chris & Darling vs. Bill

  • Maiden Voyage - Two Topless Amateur Female Wrestling Matches

    Jackie vs. Angelica * Eden vs. Darling

  • Sizzling - 2 Topless Mixed Oil Wrestling Matches

    Darling vs. John Paul and Vicky vs. Randy

  • Cat Brats - Topless Amateur Female Wrestling

    Angelica vs. Goldie * Darling vs. Vicky aka Jackie

  • Slick & Sultry - 2 Mixed Oil Wrestling, 1 Topless

    Frankie vs. Randy * Darling vs. Bill

  • Cranked Up Kittens - Sexy Women’s Wrestling – 1 Pro Style Domination – 1 Pro Am Competitive

    Mutiny vs. Brooke * Darling vs. Ariel

  • 5 Fall Foot Fetish - Topless Female Wrestling, Foot Fetish

    Goldie vs. Darling

  • High Voltage - Female Wrestling – Competitive – 1 Topless

    Jade vs. Darling * Brooke vs. Ariel

  Streaming Videos Featuring Darling

Biography: Darling's a very tough girl who we're sure would be a handful in a street fight! This honey blonde is a very competitive girl, and extremely strong for her size. She's has extensive JuJitzu training and knows how to make her opponents submit! She is also not afraid to bare it "all" and Steel Kittens not only features this diva in female and mixed wrestling, you can also watch her in some of our Cat Fights and Fantasy / Fetish matches. Darling loves to play all kinds of sports and is also competitive in beach volleyball. Bikini beach girls had better watch out!

Interview with Wrestler Darling

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