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FEMALE WRESTLING, MIXED WRESTLING, WOMEN'S WRESTLING Female Wrestlers, Wrestle Fantasy, Vintage Ladies Wrestling, Pro Wrestling and More!

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New Womens Wrestling Releases and Featured Matches

New Releases and Featured Matches

  Get the latest new wrestling releases and featured matches! See new Women’s Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Female Wrestling, Cat Fights, Vintage Wrestling Matches and more. Experience these beautiful ladies in every category. Watch these strong, sleek gorgeous women getting it on in wrestling action! Find all your favorite wrestling moments captured on film for you to view over and over again! Whether you’re into women’s wrestling, mixed wrestling or even cat fights, check out our New wrestling video matches and featured releases! With all the variety, and new matches coming out bi-weekly, you’re sure to always find something to enjoy.

Pro-Style Women Wrestling Matches

Pro Style Women’s Wrestling Matches

  Experience our Pro Style Women’s Wrestling matches! Some of our beautiful women of wrestling have graced rings across the world, performing in various federations like TNA, WWE, WCW and ECW. These athletes are skilled in art of pro style wrestling holds, throws and flying maneuvers. Their theatrics and athleticism are the fundamentals of pro wrestling entertainment and are sure to entice you. These beauties of the ring come in all shapes and sizes and each has their own special genera of character and wrestling tactics. Get your adrenaline up and Enjoy our Pro-Style Women’s Wrestling matches!

female wrestling

Female Wrestling

  We have fantastic female wrestling videos, DVD’s and Downloads. You’ll love seeing girl on girl wrestling action as beautiful amateurs take out their aggressions! These aspiring female wrestlers, in our amateur female wrestling matches, seek to prove that they have what it takes to make their mark in female combat. Using a freestyle type of fighting, some of these bikini wrestling babes have experience, while others are making their first try in the ring. These amateur girls fight with real raw expression and go all out in any setting we can devise. Try a match or two. You’ll be mesmerized with the beauty and grace coming through to you, on own your private viewer.

Pro-Amature Women Wrestling

Women’s Wrestling – Pro Am

  Our pro am, women’s wrestling videos feature some of the most beautiful women of the wrestling world! Anything can happen when you mix Pro Style with amateur Female Wrestlers! When our pro style women wrestlers, who are skilled in grappling, wrestling holds and various creative ring tactics, square off with competitive amateur female wrestlers with either some mat grappling skills or very little ring knowledge, there is no telling what the outcome will be. Some of our women’s wrestling pro am matches are competitive, or revenge matches, while some turn out to be squash matches or domination matches. Either way these ladies are intense, aggressive and beautiful and have no problem brining it on!

catfight videos


  How about a catfight to get you revved up? We've got the best girl on girl wrestling featuring hair flying and barbarian style beatings. Catfight matches explore the more erotic and raw intensity of female wrestling. Most of them take place in apartment settings with a storyline. Typically involving scratching, slapping, hair pulling, and dress shredding combined with punching and freestyle grappling. Most of these matches end up with the girls bear naked. No rules, and anything and everything go in these wild women catfights! Watch as our selection of beautiful, angry women take out their aggression towards one another in the best, highest quality Cat Fighting Videos.

Latest Catfight Videos

Classic Bikini Wrestling & Catfights

mixed wrestling

Mixed Wrestling Matches

  Mixed Wrestling your thing? Steel Kittens has the most awesome male-female wrestling videos. We have hours of entertainment from slick and messy outdoor oil wrestling to exciting mixed wrestling ring matches. Watch gorgeous females dominate their opponents from the comfort of your home. Tough girls, beautiful amazon girls, even two girls at once get their revenge as they tear into their male opponents with brutal chokes and body presses. Intergender wrestling isn't for the weak at heart because these ladies are getting down to business and bringing it. Enjoy our huge inventory of great mixed wrestling!

womens boxing

Women's Boxing

  Steel Kittens has some of the most beautiful girl boxers in the business going toe to toe in women’s boxing matches. In our sexy amateur foxy boxing bouts, these topless girls slug it out. We even have combined boxing, kickboxing and wrestling matches for an extra exciting specialty in fighting female combat.

Japanese Women Wrestling

Japanese   “Women Warriors of the Orient” ©

  Our Steel Kittens collection of Japanese Women's Wrestling: "Women Warriors of the Orient" are fierce fighting females and masters of virtually every hold, from bone-crushing mat action to unbelievable aerial maneuvers. These pro style women wrestlers are bar-non the toughest wrestling women of all time. The adrenaline is non stop in ferocious tag team matches, and brutal girl on girl matches! The action is insane as they fly into the crowds; heads get pummeled with chairs and trash cans. It’s total chaos! Not for the faint of heart, some of these are bloody and all are extreme and intense! If you want a real pump, you have to see our Japanese Women’s Wrestling! Fasten your seat belt; you’re in for a real ride!

Vintage 50s & 60s Women Wrestling

Vintage Pro Women’s Wrestling 50’s & 60’s

  From the Steel Kittens Private Collection, we present rare archival Ladies Vintage Wrestling matches from the "Golden Era" of Women’s Wrestling. Photos, Super 8, and some older silent films have all been carefully digitized to preserve these historic matches. Classic Pro Female Wrestling bouts and scenes of Mildred Burke, June Byers, Ann La Verne, Tony Rose, Judy Garble, Little Cloud, Better Boucher, Fran Gravette and a host of Glamour Girls in memorable action. This is some of the best vintage women's wrestling action that you will see anywhere!

vintage 70s through 90s womens wrestling

Vintage Pro Women’s Wrestling 70’s thru early 90’s

  From the Steel Kittens Private Collection, an all-star line up of some of the most exciting Vintage Women's Professional Wrestling matches ever caught on tape. Watch Classic Pro Female Wrestlers like Sheri Martel, Candi Devine, Marie LeVerne, Judy Martin, LeLani Kai, Fabulous Moolah (she's from the 50's thru the 90's), Kay Noble, Early Dawn, Peggy Lee, Rockin Robin and scores of Glamour Girls at the peak of their careers. All matches are carefully preserved in digital clarity.

Fantasy / Fetish Women Wrestling Videos

Fantasy / Fetish


Domination wrestling matches refer to any matches where one of the combatants completely overpowers her rival throughout the match. Domination wrestling matches can also be a female submission wrestling match or squash matches. We have domination wrestling matches in all our categories of wrestling.

Female Domination Wrestling    
Female Fighting -Foot Fetish    
Super Heroine    
Female Wrestling Fantasy
  Mixed Wresting Fantasy

Womens Wrestling Video Sale

Womens Wrestling Specials

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